Zimmber Review: The Best Choice For Online Home Service in Mumbai

The reason why the modern people could do the things easy is because of the ease in utilising e commerce in an effective way. Commencement of e commerce in every field makes the things easy to manage, and we are seeing how the things are going on with e commerce made easy everywhere. One of the best things about e commerce is that we can do the desired things just with clicks to spare. Yes, we can access what we want just by sitting anywhere. This is the best thing about e commerce so far, because it saves more time and money for the users. This simple idea is the basic point for many to include e commerce everywhere.

Coming to the home services, it is not that easy to find people for service of your home when it comes to living in metropolitan cities. One need to have enough number of contacts to find the correct people to suit your work, ie., to do the desired service. This is the basic idea behind starting an e commerce site like Zimmber.com.

Let us know more about this site:

Zimmber is an e commerce site that provides online home services. Anubhav Goel started this company along with Amit Kumar and Gaurav Shrivastava. Anuhab Goel is the co founder of Rejuvenate Solutions, the main company behind Zimmber.com. In a recent contract, life style e commerce gaint Jabong came forward to invest in Zimmber.com. As a result, Zimmber received funds worth $80,000 (50,00,000 INR) from Praveen Sinha, the India  head of Jabong.


How Zimmber.com is be useful?

Zimmber.com is a site that is aimed at home services via online. This is precisely for the people who are searching for the home services at your home. You can get the services required just through a few clicks in this site. The services provided by Zimmber.com include painting, home cleaning, Air Condition Services, Plumber, Carpenting. The services provided by the company is limited to the city of Mumbai for now, but the makers are planning to spread to other metropolitan cities soon.

How to contact Zimmber.com?

It is easy to get the servies offered by Zimmber. There are many ways to approach the concerned people. The uers can either contact through their website, or through their mobile application, or through their any of the social media platforms.

Once after approaching them, all you need to do is to select the services listed there. The concerned people will be there to assist you, if you contact through phone. All you need to do is provide the information for the services you need and the concerned people will contact you soon based on the information you provided.

How Zimmber.com Responds?

After receiving information from the user, the firm will contact the user to find the availability before sending their team to the user’s home/office. According to the sources of the site, there are more than 100 service providers working at Zimmber and this will be increased in the future depending on the demand in the future.

Offers at Zimmber:

This new company has provided some offers too for the users. There will be a discount of Rs 100 INR on the service you choose and this is applicable for the users who apply via mobile application.

In case the team of Zimmber.com fails to reach you before the scheduled time, you don’t have to pay the amount of 200 INR.

There are some more offers like 25% discount on lifetime packages at Zimmber.com.


As mentioned above, time is more important than money. Choosing Zimmber.com for your home services will surely save a lot of time and money as well.


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