11+ Zbigz Premium Account Username Password 2018

Zbigz is one of the best torrent downloader which you download for yourself and actually get to enjoy all the torrent files without any issues. There are many apps which allow you to download all your favorite stuff from the internet without any charges, but Zbigz is the best which allows you to download even the torrent files, without even having to use the Internet download Manager. The Zbigz is such an app which makes every download for you much better than anything or any other kind of app.

Free zbigz premium accounts 2018

Zbigz is such an app which comes in a free and a premium version and makes everything quite better for you to download. However, the drawback about having a free account is that you would be getting a lot of restrictions on the torrents which you would download, like you would even get a lot of ads all around and you would surely hate that. However, due to this reason, people start searching for the free zbigz premium accounts 2018. Here in this post, we have shared some of the best ways to get free zbigz premium accounts username password.

zbigz premium accounts for free

How Zbigz premium account Works?

Zbigz is one the best service for you to download whatever you want and it easily gets you the torrent file or magnetic links which you are looking for from the internet and it takes info from users and downloads and stores the file into their own servers soon after that, for your assistance, the users can even download the file from directly from Zbigz safely and anonymously and without even paying any kind of fees or other charges, which is a totally new concept.

Zbigz helps you to download torrent files safely and doesn’t need a torrent shopper to be put in on your laptop as simply by submitting a torrent file/magnetic link as it can convert itself into direct download in order that the file will be transferred using any of the download manager software system in your system for free.

Why should I use a Zbigz Premium Account?

If you are actually using BitTorrent or uTorrent, you’re completely exposed just because everyone within the network is aware of regarding you and your activity and whatever you download. But, when you are actually using the Zbigz account, you’re protected totally and the activity is monitored on behalf of ZbigZ.

All the users which you see there are completely anonymous and not only that, but Zbigz saves you from all the troubles of downloading torrents by actually using the torrent downloader and also, the importance of Zbigz or the other cloud torrent leeching services comes into image after you are just exposed and vulnerable to the risks of torrenting.

Free Zbigz account username password without charge

Zbigz has two versions, and they include the free and premium plan which you would definitely be totally interested in and you would actually love to try the premium version.

Free plans have variant limitations and extremely a lot of useless if you wish to transfer torrents typically but you should actually consider picking the premium account if you’re a regular torrent user. You are not the only one who would try the Zbigz premium account 2018 as most of the users actually have purchased Zbigz premium account and most of them are satisfied with the services. For India, it prices around Rs. 600 for a one-month premium account. Be at liberty to use this Zbigz premium account while not spending even a single penny and here are some of the options of free Zbigz premium account.

  • In Zbigz premium, you get an unlimited range of downloads which you want without any kind of restrictions or whatsoever and no limit on download or files daily, and also, disk storage is also unlimited.
  • In the premium Zbigz version, fully premium service is available.
  • You get a direct access to the Zbigz Premium username password Account which is available and this means that you don’t have to wait for any ads to follow up. Simply click on login button from below and it’ll direct you to a premium account.
  • Above all, high-Speed Direct Torrent Downloading is available in the premium version of Zbigz and no speed capping or speed limits. You’ll be able to download with the best speed offered by your ISP.
  • Instant torrent leeching online is also present as there’s completely no waiting time like alternative services for you. Not only that, but you also get client to client downloads which are very quicker and along with that, Zbigz downloads the file to their servers among a moment of your request, at speeds of 25-50 MB/s too which means that your downloads are prepared within no time.
  • Download Torrent Files Directly via IDM, FlareGet or the other transfer manager and you’ll be able to simultaneously use any download manager of Chrome or Mozilla.

Username Password of Zbigz Premium Accounts


Password: substation232



Password: diecast8



Password: 17737271888



Password: 123456



Password: 517454614



Password: 008249



Password: interview0929



Password: 111961982



Password: cdefgahc



Password: qwerty7



Password: emily098



Password: wendy65@



Password: 88@melvik



Password: segg987


How to get Zbigz Pemium Account 2018 for free?

  1. Login with www.zbigz.com
  2. Give the account details which you will get here
  3. Paste the torrent link of the file which you want to download.
  4. Wait for some minutes till the download starts.
  5. Enjoy downloading.

So, these were some of the best options which Zbigz account username password provides you in its premium version as it is such an app which comes in a free and a premium version and makes everything quite better for you to download. But again, the drawback about having a free account is that you would be getting a lot of restrictions on the torrents which you would download, like you would even get a lot of ads all around and you would surely hate that. So, it is much recommended that you try out the Zbigz premium version which we have shared here in this post and given you access to.

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