Best Android Apps for Practicing Yoga

Last we reviewed some of the best android apps for women’s safety. today I will be telling you the best yoga apps for android. Yoga is the best exercise to stay fit and healthy. With the help of yoga we can concentrate on our work more easily. Yoga is also beneficial for blogging. But now a days people are feeling problems while performing yoga in their daily routine. There are lots of difficult steps in yoga while cannot be performed easily, you should need a trainer which can help you in doing those yoga steps.

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Now a days there are not much trainer available which can help you out in doing yoga. As you know that everything is now available in our smartphone and the same logic applies on performing yoga. Doing yoga now will be very easy. You can be easily guided through your smartphones in doing yoga.

So, today after lots of searches I have found some best of the best free yoga app. I can bet that these android apps will surely affect your daily routine. Keep reading this article and find out that what are those android apps which are suitable for yoga.

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Top yoga apps For android Phones

1. Daily Yoga app

With the help of this android application you can easily learn some difficult steps in yoga. daily yoga practice app, offers you many HD yoga videos which will be beneficial for you in your daily routine. Daily Yoga has total 12 sessions out of which you will able to watch 5 sessions totally free and you have to pay for rest of the sessions. Overall I want to say that Daily yoga is the good application for performing yoga and it can be the best if it does not have paid version i.e, if this application would be available in free than this can be the best application for learning yoga.

Daily yoga apps

2. Office Yoga

It is difficult to do yoga daily if you are going to office daily. People who spend their lots of time in doing work in office, did not able to get the enough time to perform yoga in their daily routine. So, keeping this thing in mind I have listed this next application in this lists. Office Yoga, helps you to perform yoga even when you are in your office. Whenever you are free and want to relax you can take help of this android application. Office yoga contains some of the best steps which can be easily performed when you are in your office desk.

3.Pocket Yoga app

The next on the List is Pocket Yoga. Pocket Yoga helps you to keep your daily routine fit through Yoga. This android app contains 150 different images with different poses. You can also find 27 different sessions which contains different difficulties levels. Pocket Yoga contains a directory which helps you in telling the advantages you will get from different poses.Overall, pocket Yoga android application is a pocket guide which helps you in doing yoga easily and comfortably.

4. Universal Breathing: Pranayama

This app helps you to show how our body work during pranayama. As you all know that pranayama is considered to be the most effective yoga because it helps in increasing our concentration power of our mind. Universal Breathing: Pranayama is an android app which tells you the correct way for practicing pranayama with the help of the human animation which is display in this application. Unfortunately this android application is a paid version.

5. Authentic Yoga

This is one of my favourite android apps for practicing yoga. Authentic Yoga helps you to learn yoga routines which can be easily adapted. This application contains some of the best videos which will help you in practicing yoga. This android application has 4 basic menu options such as Understand Yoga, Learn To Practise Yoga, Yoga routines and reviews for every poses. I just want want to say that this is a combination of all other all which are listed above in this list.

Hope you have enjoyed while reading this article. If you have any problem regarding the above article you can place a comment below and let me solve your problem. At the last do not forgot to share this article among your friends…


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