Facebook.com[www.fb.com] is the most popular social networking site. It left other social networking sites like Google Plus and Twitter far behind. Today, no one speaks about Orkut which was in fact the most popular social networking site even a decade ago. Mark Zuckerberg along with his college friends Chirs Huges, Eduardo Saverin Dustin Moskovitz and Andrew McCollum launched Facebook on 4th February of the year 2004.you can also check out post on how to signup netflix.xom

Recently fb.com also bought another social media hot cake, Whatsapp. Moreover, now www.fb.com is also a part of Facebook. According to a study of 2014, Facebook has 1.56 billion monthly active users. When launched, Facebook was limited to the boundary of Harvard University but later on it expanded to other universities and then to other countries as well. Alexa ranking showed Facebook as the second largest site used by users throughout the world. The company is headed by Sheryl Sandberg as COO and Zuckerberg as CEO.

The company mainly earns from company shares and advertisements. On February this year, Facebook reached market capitalization of $212 billion. Facebook entrepreneurs quoted that the site has around 2 million advertisers and most of them are small business marketers.

With a Facebook account everything is in your reach. You can send text messages, send documents (image, pdf file, doc file and many more), chat, group chat, video call, call, send voice records, share links and posts, post updates and do so many other things with it. The whole world is in your pocket. Trending news, images, videos, memes gets shared all the time so you will get to know about the hot topics through Facebook. You will be updated with all the posts of your liked pages in your home page.

www.Facebook.com Sign Up | Fb.com

However if you want to enjoy these features then you will have to own a Facebook account. If you already own an account then you can easily get in touch with the features we discussed earlier due to Facebook’s easy to use interface, but if you don’t have a Facebook account yet then you can go to the official page of Facebook, www.facebook.com and create a new account with an existing email id. Like a digital account creation, you will be guided page by page to fill in your details after which you will be able to use these wonderful features.

Facebook.com Sign Up video tutorials

www.Facebook.com Sign Up | Fb.com

1. In order to use Facebook features, we have to be a registered user.
2. I will guide you how you can Sign up or create an Facebook account.
3. First, go to official website Www.Fb.Com or www.facebook.com
4. A sign up form will appear where you have to provide some details like First name, last name, email address, mobile number, password, date of birth and gender (As shown below)
Facebook.com Sign Up
5. After filling all the details, click on Sign Up button which is present in green color at the bottom.
6. Now Facebook will login to your account and it will ask some random of questions.
7. if you don’t want to provide information, you can skip the steps by clicking Skip the process button at the bottom right.
8. Facebook will send an confirmation email containing a link and verification code as shown below.

www.Fb.Com | www.Facebook.com Login Page

Www.Fb.com Login sign up

Make sure that the email id you are using to create the account is in use because you will have to go through an email verification process. Do not use an email id which was hacked before because if anyone has control over your email account then he or she will be able to crack into your Facebook.com account as well which suggests your Facebook account has high chances of getting hacked.

www.Facebook.com login | www.Fb.com Login Steps

1.I will help you how to login to your Facebook account.
2.Go to www.facebook.com or www.Fb.com website.
3.The screen appears as above image.
4.On top right, there are to empty boxes.
5.In first box, you have enter your email or phone number which you have provided as the time of sign up.
6.In the next box, you have enter your secure password.
7.Then click on Log In button next to it.
8.Done!! you are now logged in to your Facebook profile.
9. You have successfully learned Facebook login process.

Some Facebook specifications-

  • Facebook Emoticons and stickers: Facebook now has a collection of built in stickers and emoticons and you can install more stickers and emoticons.
  • Facebook Last Seen: With this feature, you will be able to know whether your sent message is read by your friend or not, and if read then when.
  • Facebook Facebook Group: You can get connected to different peoples with different opinions over a particular matter through Facebook Groups. Information can be kept confidential if a group is closed.
  • Facebook Status Update: Post whatever you want to share through this. However remember that when you are posting something in public then worldwide people can see it so it is better to avoid problematic topics, avoid abuses, slangs and sharing porn links.
  • Facebook Facebook Pages: If you want to get notified about something you are interested in then you can like its Facebook page. You can also create a page.
  • Facebook Video Call: Once you open a chat box next to the close tab, you will find the option of video camera. Click the button in order to make a video call to your friend. However to do this, you must have Facebook video camera software installed in your device.

Mobile Facebook

If you are using Facebook from your mobile device then you can download Facebook Messenger. This app is Facebook’s messaging app. With this app you can send and receive Facebook messages in your mobile.

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