WPEngine Special Offer In November 2015

WP Engine special offer of the month is live yet again. In this October you can grab exciting offers if you wish to buy WPEngine. Affordable WPEngine is made more affordable with the discount wpengine discount coupons offers. All you have to do is select your WPEngine offer according to your business requirements and activate the offer. If you avail the special offer in this October then you will get an attracting 33% discount for the first three months of its use regardless of which plan you choose, Professional or Personal or Business!

This is not only the one and only offer provided by WPEngine for this October! You can get a free hosting service for 4 months with WPEngine if you use the code: FASTSITE. However, keep a note that if you are just too lazy to hire the service then you might miss the chance of availing these offers because these are on the basis of first come first serve and the offer ends on 30th October as well.

What makes Wpengine Best Hosting For WordPress ?

You might be thinking what WPEngine is! WPEngine is one of the renowned WordPress hosting site which is been used by some of the industry giants like SoundCloud, Asana, Pager/duty and WashingtonStateWire. WPEngine is popular throughout the world for providing its users with class service.

Hosting is one of the primary pillars of your blog and WPEngine has turned out to be one of the best WordPres hosts ever in the monopoly industry. If you choose a wrong host for your site then your blogging might be ruined. Your host must strengthen your blog with its services n less than 24*7 a week! Now we will discuss why should you choose WPEngine when there are a few other popular names in the industry too? Simply, what makes WPEngine unique and better than others, if not the best!


Google is working hard to make the online world faster and faster so speed is playing a huge role in website ranking. If your website is fine from top to bottom but still the speed is not great then you might be ranked lower than a comparatively poor website with poor contents but fast speed. WPEngine uses EverCache technology which enhances speed as a result of which your website will be loaded within fractions of a second.


For any online well as offline business, safety is one of the primary concerns. In the case of online business, if you leave everything open to the hackers then your business will be a failure. Malicious sites will make your site nastier and forget about generating profit because you may end up making even a loss. WPEngine is one of the hosts who focus on security of website from top to bottom. Your website will be scanned regularly from time to time and any possible threats if detected will be fixed up automatically. All possible hacking attempts will be blocked as far as possible. And if anyone tries to with a specific IP address tries to intrude your website then that IP address will also be blocked permanently.

Developer Tools

You will be able to restore your settings anytime as WPEngine gives you full command of your website. WPEngine is fully integrated with WordPress.


Back of hosting done is taken on regular basis so even if your server is facing any issues you can restore immediately.


WPEngine provides its users 24*7 services every week. And it also provides 12 hours of chat support a day. When the chat support is not there you can create ticket so at time get supported with quick replies from experts.

How does WPEngine work?

You and WPEngine will use same servers. Can you believe that the server is direct! No other host offers this other than WPEngine. WPEngine only creates a sub domain with your username and sets it up giving you a separate WordPress so that you can import the old hosting data to a fresh new WordPress site.

Plans that are offered by WPEngine along with the price details and traffic handling capability:

Name of plan Rate per month No. of WordPress sites offered Visitor capacity
Personal 29$/month 1 WordPress website 25k visitors
Professional 99$/month 10 WordPress website 100k visitors
Business 249$/month 25 WordPress website 400k visitors
Enterprise Not available Not available 1 million visitors

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