What’s the Best Hosting Type for Your Blog

When you are going to start your first bog or begin your online business, the first thing that traps you would be the choice of hosting types. To make the right choice is not easy at all. There are so many web hosts providing diverse hosting solutions, and you have to make sure that what you chose can provide the best possible features for your blog or business. That makes a simple question into a complicated problem.

However, your headache may disappear today, because we analyze the major web hosting types in the industry and take your expectations and business types into consideration as many as possible. In below, there are several hosting types available when you are going to start your first blog. Let’s reveal them one by one!
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Shared Hosting is Ideal for Someone just Starting

As we all know that, shared hosting is usually very cheap and includes enough features for someone who just starts online experience. There is no limitation on which platform you have to use. To be specific, shared hosting allows you to install applications you prefer. It means that you can choose what you like to start out. Not only WordPress, but also Joomla and Drupal are all available to select when you start. You can even design your own website with a page builder provided by your host.

But we have to admit that shared hosting comes with limited bandwidth, memory, email addresses, and disk space. So if you start with shared hosting, when you grow bigger, you need move to a bigger shared hosting plan or a VPS that offers more features and options.

VPS Hosting Has Better Reliability and Higher Costs

VPS hosting is virtual private server, which has better security and performance than shared hosting. Usually, VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. So, if you decide to start with VPS hosting, the cost is the first factor you have to think about.

Having enough money to afford VPS does not mean everything will be fine. Some web hosts do not provide managed service, which means you have to take care of your server by yourself. VPS hosting is indeed more reliable than shared hosting, but that does not mean VPS never break down. So you need some technical knowledge if you purchase unmanaged VPS. So, when your VPS need to be rebooted, you would know how to operate it.

However, VPS hosting is really better than shared hosting in some aspects. It has more bandwidth, faster page loading speed, unlimited hosted domains, unlimited email addresses, more disk spaces and so on. Compared with shared hosting, the shortage of VPS is cost. You can visit HostUCan.net to find the VPS hosting with highest price value.

WordPress Hosting is Right for WordPress Users

WordPress hosting is an application hosting which is designed for WordPress fans. Therefore, it is of course a right choice for you to start blogging or online business with WordPress.

WordPress hosting means that WordPress is pre-installed with your domain on your server. When you finish the order, you can see that your site has been setup with WordPress. So, you can just pick up themes and plugins to start your blog journey.

Besides, WordPress hosting does not contain control panels except dashboard which is enough for you to control your WordPress website. Due to the limitation on control, the price of WordPress hosting is affordable, ranging from $1/mo to $29/mo.

Because WordPress hosting is simple and easy to use, plus the low pricing, we think WordPress hosting should be a perfect type for those who want to start blogs.

Dedicated Hosting Has Best Performance with High Pricing

A dedicated hosting gives you dedicated server resources on a single, physical server. It means the best security and performance. It also means you have to know how to configure your server and maintain the whole server.

Along with great performance, high prices come to you as well. But it is not very important, because when you need dedicated servers, you should have owned a large business that can create a lot of profits for you. At that time, the most important thing you need is the security and performance.

In below, we list some powerful features that make dedicated servers reliable. It includes up to unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, premium storage & RAM, lightning speed boosters, and more.

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