What’s Best For Gaming? iOS or Android?

Gaming on mobile has had quite a ride – it started out shyly and clumsily with few game adaptations that took poor advantage of this brand new, hand held platform. Thinks started to change quickly however, with even NIntendo being taken aback by the sheer scale of success. Even the Japanese giant could not compete with the popularity of mobile gaming, and they even announced plans to join the market in 2015, and they’ve been in the handheld business for more than 2 decades.

The whole mobile gaming thing started back in 2007 with Apple’s triumphant showcase of their iPhone which changed the way we perceive apps on mobile devices. Their App Store exploded with millions of downloads and most of these were – you guessed it, games. And there are great many examples of excellent titles, especially if you are a casino player so click here for a list of NetEnt online casinos.

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The App craze create a surge in mobile gaming development that news and specialized game companies like Gameloft and Zynga helped shape the market with their groundbreaking games. They took advantage of the new and emerging type of player – the “casual”. What are casual gamers? Well, they are the very definition of a smartphone or tablet user – occasional users of apps that download games and apps to “pass the time”. However, this definition was quickly abandoned (although the name stuck) due to more and more mobile players investing huge amounts of time on their gaming apps, even rivaling PC and console players!.

The reason for this huge import of “fresh” players is of course the openness of the platform – both iOS and Android are mobile operating systems that do more than games. The opportunity to play games and do other, “smartphone-stuff” makes it all the more appealing, especially for younger generations.

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So, we arrive at the main question – which platform is better for a newly minted and eager gamer? While Android is certianly bigger in terms of device coverage, iOS has the edge when it comes to relative quality and exclusivity (due to some titles that aren’t available anywhere else). The Windows platform is still quite barren when compared to the two.

Let’s have a look at some of the main factors that will help you decide on a side. First, the personal preference. Sure this plays a huge role for a simple reason – you won’t really switch from Apple to Samsung / Sony / LG or HTC on pure gaming preferences, since both platforms are pretty much identical in terms of games coverage (except for a very small minority of titles). Next, most recent devices, in terms of performance (we are talking flagships here, even middle to upper class) are similar across the board when playing games, though, sure, some screens are better than others and some apps may load faster on devices more slightly more ram (and higher CPU cores) but that doesn’t change the fact that most games run pretty much the same.

Finally, price is of course a determinant which shouldn’t be ignored – we already mentioned that most Android and iOS powered flagships are either tied or similar in performance, so for the mobile players on budget there is a really big selection at the former mobile platform, though even Apple with their iPhone SE can take some part in that portion of the market (though with a much lower screen size).    

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