What are the Opportunities in Cloud Computing?

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The most beautiful thing about cloud computing is that any business can benefit from it without investing heavily on it. That puts small and medium companies on the same level with fortune 500 companies. So, what are the opportunities available in cloud computing for people like you who want to make money from the technology? Kindly keep reading.

  1. Become a cloud architect

Do you have a degree in any of the many IT courses? Have you thought of a career in cloud computing? Then you can become a cloud architect.

Simply put, a cloud architect is the one responsible for overseeing the entire cloud computing process and the team. You will advise your company on the best cloud plan to adopt, then you, and your team will help the company manage the plan chosen.

Advisory and management are not the only qualities of a brilliant architect. The job is more sensitive than you can imagine. Picture this; the organization is storing all its secrets in the same sphere as the competition.

Of course, the management will be worried about issues like security and authenticity. Therefore, whether the corporation has employed you as the in-house cloud architect; or you run a business that provides cloud computing services, you must do the following:

  1. Provide the organization with sufficient information on private, public, and hybrid cloud so they know which one to use when.
  1. Educate the company on the legal issues governing cloud computing, and help then negotiate and settle for the most appropriate provider.
  1. Ensure the safety of everything stored in the cloud. That means that apart from monitoring the cloud, you have to keep up with the current trends in cloud computing.

Before a company hires you, they need to know that you are a certified cloud architect. Some of the certificates you require are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Certification. To get certified, pursue a course on Digital Cloud Training,  

  1. Marketing and Public relations

So you do not have any of the qualifications mentioned above, but you still want to make money from this industry. What do you do?

  1. Create a blog and start writing high-quality articles on cloud computing. Great content will attract enterprises seeking cloud computing personnel, and those cloud experts looking for jobs.
  1. Reach out to these two groups and offer to connect them at a small fee. Statistics indicate that by 2020, cloud services will net at over 500 Billion USD.  That’s the kind of figure that makes marketers have sleepless nights.
  1. You can also help cloud architects write white copies and e-books on the designs they create; which they can use to train other members of staff. If you can turn tech jargon to something that dummies can understand, you can make loads of money.
  1. Cloud specialists need impeccable leadership and communication skills for they are the link between the corporation and the cloud service provider. Most Public relations experts are brilliant in communication and image matters.

You can teach such skills through seminars, e-books, articles, and podcasts at a fee. Bear in mind that it’s hard to cut deals when one is a poor communicator hence if you package 

yourself well, you might make a fortune.


The cloud computing industry offers a buffet of opportunities. However, the quality of what you are offering is what will set you apart from your competitors. Do thorough research on the trade, then find the area that will make your money.

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