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Ever heard the expression, ‘What are the odds?’ Of course, you have! We’re a society obsessed with number-crunching hysteria and we have an insatiable appetite for statistics. Numbers tend to validate the thoughts we entertain and the way we behave. All those random stats we are bombarded with on a daily basis impact us at some level, and the stats that will surprise you the most are about to debut on your screen right now!

#10 – Lottery Games & Your Chances of Winning

Ever had the urge to scratch and win? Scratch card tickets and lottery draws are universally popular. This begs the question: What are the odds of your winning a lottery game? Let’s take a look at two of the most popular mega-money lottery draws in the world, the Mega Millions and the Powerball. According to the stats gurus, the odds of winning one of these lottery draws is 1:176 million. That means that you are far more likely to be murdered (1:18,000), die on the job (1:48,000), drown in your bath (1:840,000), get struck by lightning (1:1 million), or be eaten alive by bacteria (1:1 million). Still fancy your chances of winning the lottery? Remember, without a ticket you stand zero chance.

#9 – You Are Likely to Lose Your Attraction to a Suitor after the First Kiss

Bet you never saw this one coming! According to William Morrow’s book, The Book of Odds, some 66% of women and 59% of men lose their attraction and interest in someone after the first kiss. Expanding on this ‘shocking’ statistic is another stat: 1:4 women enjoys sex only somewhat, or odds of 1:4.6 that unmarried adults seek out physical appearance as their preferred characteristic/feature in potential dating partners. Human dynamics and interactions present some pretty amazing statistics.

#8 – Odds of Landing a Really Great Job with a Great Career

Believe it or not, hard work takes you places. A recent report on the best 25 jobs of 2019 found that the median salary for financial managers is $125,080, with an unemployment rate of just 2.2%. Employment is expected to increase by 18.7% in the next 7 years and add an additional 108,600 jobs. If you’re looking for a great career change, a BA in finance or economics, or an MBA could certainly fast-track your retirement plans. If you’re looking for the #1 best job of 2019, consider being a software developer in the IT industry. The median salary is $101,790, and the unemployment rate is as low as 1.9%. The Bureau of Labor expects to add an additional 255,400 jobs (up 30%) by 2026.

#7 – The Odds of Winning a Major Poker Tournament

Are you playing with a full deck? Are you holding the nuts? None of these are meant as insulting questions – they are par for the course with poker players. Let’s look at a few stats about the game of poker, the professional players and the amateur players, final table finishes, wins, return on investment, and longest non-cash streaks. Amateurs include anyone who plays poker up to 3 times per week. Amateurs typically play in the evenings. It’s a part-time vocation for them, and they love the game. Professional poker players play online poker or land-based poker as their sole source of income. They are adept at tactical, strategic, and betting practices. Consider the following stats:

  • Professionals play on average 21.5 games daily compared to 3.58 games by amateurs
  • Professionals finish in the money 13.10% of the time, compared to 15.7% of the time by amateurs
  • Professionals finish in the top three 1.36% of the time, compared to 0.54% by amateurs
  • Professionals finish in the top three at the final table 43.61% of the time, compared to 28.09% for amateurs
  • Professionals enjoy wins 0.73% of the time, compared to 0.22% by amateurs
  • Professionals have a return on investment of 77.65%, compared to 19.68% for amateurs

#6 – What Are Your Odds of Getting Eaten by a Shark?

Movies like Jaws spawned a generation of fearful beachgoers that remain to this day. So many of us are petrified to wade too deep into the waters, fearing that a Great White Shark will make a meal of us. Consider that in the US your chance of getting killed by a shark is less than 1:264.1 million, and your chance of getting attacked by a shark is approximately 1 in 3,748,067. You are more likely to win the lottery!

#5 – Chances of Getting Accepted at Harvard University

Ivy League schools are no laughing matter. These are the creme de la creme of educational institutions, and their names carry tremendous weight in academic and career circles. Let’s assume that your educational qualifications are good enough for you to apply to Harvard University. According to stats gurus, your chances of getting accepted at Harvard are 6 in 100 applicants. It’s almost unbelievable that chances are so good, but remember that the 6.2% overall acceptance rate is based on 34,950 applications received, and 1,655 expected students who are enrolled.

#4 – What are the Odds of Meeting Your Favorite Celebrity?

This is a bit of a loaded question, since each one of us has a different favorite celebrity. If you live in Beverly Hills, California you are far more likely to run into celebrities than if you live in Omaha, Nebraska. Additionally, your line of work will determine who you rub shoulders with in the world. If you’re involved in the entertainment industry (stage productions, film sets, Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Las Vegas gambling industry) you likely will encounter many celebrities. If you’re looking to meet some celebrities, run a couple of searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing and start putting together a plan to meet up with a celeb.

#3 – 43% of Pilots Fall Asleep in Flight

Okay this one is pretty darn scary, since it’s not like anyone can just grab the wheel and land the plane if the pilot is catching 40 winks. Consider this statistic: 33% of pilots have reported waking up and discovering that their copilots are also asleep. We’re not too sure who corroborated this statistic (for obvious reasons) but it doesn’t inspire much confidence in air travel.

#2 – 51% of the World’s Refugees Are Children

You may not know it, but the world has a serious refugee problem. Migrant caravans notwithstanding, many countries are faced with humanitarian crises. The UNHCR global trends report recently published information on refugees and indicated that 59.5 million people around the world have fleed their homes as a result of persecution, war, and conflict. 51% of those people are unaccompanied minors. It’s a shocking statistic!

#1 – What Are the Odds of Shuffling a Deck of Cards into Perfect Order?

This is a zany statistic, and one which few people are likely to get right. However, Science Focus writer, Robert Matthews indicated that you have a minute chance (1 in 10 to the power of 68) of shuffling a deck of cards into perfect order. It is particularly easy to shuffle a deck of cards into perfect order if it’s a new deck which hasn’t been shuffled properly to begin with. Overall, the odds are so infinitesimally small that they are the equivalent of the number of atoms in the galaxy!

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