Univercell Sync Store Review

Have you ever heard about the name Univercell ? If not then no problem. Univercell is the first mobile retailer which have introduced live store. Recently I have visited to Univercell Sync Store which is located in Mumbai. I has started my walk by visiting Univercell Sync establishment located in Indiranagar as it was quite large and perfectly clean. The experience there was very remarkable as the clients were experiencing the phones and tablets in a relaxed way instead of compared to being limited for viewing phone and tablets dummy.

I was feeling lucky after meeting with Soumya Menon who is the VP Brand Strategy OF Univercell as she displayed the establishments USP with me. She has started explaining the music section of the shop where you can easily get the best speakers for experiencing music on your phones. Soumya has also discussed her opinion that the earphones and the speakers which we use are not only enough for experiencing the real audio power of your phones. She was indicating towards the Sony Speakers and Beats Headsets which will really make you feel your music. At the last she was telling that we should personally experience this section and then go back to buy these amazing speakers and other music gadgets for remarkable listening.

Detailed Review

I personally experienced the music in the music zone and also claimed for the great ideas and the feeling process by Univercell to include this area to make understand that our smartphones are not just good for the applications yet in addition for songs. It was excellent to experience this in the suitable style instead of getting adapted to the better than usual music experience which we generally acquire by the means of our regular speakers or headphones. I was really experiencing very good to see the music applications and songs accessories which were beautifully showcased together.


There is also one additional area in the store which is very important and also was close to the entry was the new and interesting part. This area was showcasing all type of current and most preferred as also with the majority of talked about phones and tablets which are in the marketplace. This area gives guarantee that customers immediately get exactly what they are wanting when they got fully involved in this shop. I really have to say that this is an excellent idea.

In this generation of selfies and instant pictures, how they can forgot to have an area for the photography lovers ? In this area there is an amazing collection of best digital photography allowed phones and also an excellent reference to photography apps. This thing made sure that Univercell Sync shop is not only about selling but also about sharing and also building community platforms for the customers who were newly taking part and interest in this smartphone world.

Stores Available in Mumbai


At the last there was an printing section where you can easily experience the best printers which can provide the best print quality possible in the today’s world. This section is one of the most important section for all families because all functioning parents as well as examining kids requires access to use a great printer for various demands.

Final Conclusion

I was very happy after knowing that Univercell Sync has a Sync team which enables which activate customers for setting up tools with other types of devices already in the home and that for in a affordable cost. This can also be excellent for non technical clients who want to personally experience the items. I will strongly recommend Univercell for all those clients who like to enjoy using their mobile phones and other type of devices…

That’s all. Hope, you have enjoyed while reading the above article. If you have any type of doubts or questions after going through the above article properly then you can surely leave your valuable comments below in the comment box. Also do not forgot to share this article with your friends and fans… 😀

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