Two Built-In Apps You Can Use To Take Screenshots In Mac

Taking a screenshot on a Mac computer is so easy for old users who have using macOS for years. But if you have just got started with this new operating system, you may not know how to capture a screenshot.

That’s why today, in this article, I will show you two built-in apps you can use to take screenshots on your Mac computer. This guide is only for beginners, who don’t know about macOS well and still learning how to use this operating system.



The first built-in app you should use to capture screenshots in Mac is the Grab. It is a useful app you can use to take many types of screenshots, including full-screen screenshots, selection screenshots, window screenshot, as well as timed screenshots.

In order to open the Grab application, just press Command + Space to launch Spotlight search box. Then search for Grab and open it to use.

After the Grab app opened, you can choose it from the top menubar to take screenshots or use keystrokes. The best feature of this app is that you can take a timed screenshot. By selecting this type, the timer will countdown from ten to one and then the screenshot will be taken. It is a great feature to capture a screenshot of a complicated task.
If you don’t want to use any apps to help you take screenshots in Mac, read this Print Screen Mac guide to learn how to take a screenshot with traditional ways – by using keystrokes.


Along with the Grab, you can also use the Preview app to help you capture a screenshot. Like the Grab, this built-in app can use to take three types of screenshots, including selection, window, and entire screen.

The good feature of this app is that you will have the ability to export your screenshot into any picture format as you want. For example, you can take a screenshot and then save it as a JPG file, instead of a PNG file.

However, the Preview application will not allow you to take a timed screenshot. This function is not available in the app. So if you want to take a timed screenshot, you will have to use the Grab.

Like I said above, use these built-in apps to take screenshots on your Mac computer will give you a few extra advanced features. You can make the process to be simpler by using keystrokes. Just press some keys and then the screenshot will be taken.

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