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iOS 13 is the successor of iOS 12 and it comes with better features like the dark mode, an enhanced Siri app, a keyboard that allows users to complete phrases and words through swiping their finger across the screen, better photo editing features and a faster-unlocking Face ID among severalsurprises.

What’s even more fascinating is the fact that apps will now launch faster and app downloads is 50% smaller and updates are 60% smaller on average. There is also a sign-in option that keeps your details private and you don’t have to create new passwords for every apk. But like any other iOS device, it may be a little difficult to access some apps from the Apple Store. That’s why an application like TweakBox will help you install a series of games and apps that you can’t find in Apple Store. Let’s look at what this app is, why we need it, its features and how to download and fix some installation errors.

How to Download TweakBox For iOS 13

Installing the app takes a few seconds. Below are steps to downloading the apk.

  1. Open your browser and go to TweakBox App.
  2. Choose the first option written TweakBox download and pick for iOS. Select iOS 13.
  3. Confirm the download process then wait a few seconds for the process to complete.
  4. Once done, tap on install and wait for a few seconds.
  5. Head to your home screen and choose where you want to place the application.

What is TweakBox?

TweakBoxis an app installer like your normal app store but a lot more different. It is a third-party application installer that allows access to thousands of apps and games. It is an Apple Configuration Profile software that sends configuration information to the device. The user needs to trust the Certificate from this XML file for it to work. Download this app to get iOS tweaked games and apps without jailbreaking your devices.

Why do we Need TweakBox?

When you have the newest iOS version, iOS 13, which has way better features than its predecessor, you may wonder, why do I need TweakBox? You need to understand that this is an unofficial third-party app which offers a wide range of content which is not available on Apple Store. With it, you can access several categories of modified applications, screen recorder apps, and emulator apps among many more. Below is a list of reasons why you need TweakBox.

  1. No jailbreak – The iOS 13 firmware comes with highly developed security features. But this does not necessarily mean that TweakBox installer will need to break security guidelines to gain root. Jailbreaking involves such activities as violating the security of your device to gain access. But lucky for you since this apk installer is like your normal Apple Store and operates the same way. It does not need any prohibited processes to install your apps thus making it safe to use. 
  2. Downloads and installs software faster – TweakBox has so many other competitors like Cydia and TweakBox. But when it comes to its operating speed, it is faster than the rest.
  3. Reliable and Convenient – It is one of the most reliable installers you’ll find in the market today since it allows users to access a wide variety of apps that is difficult to find somewhere else.
  4. Regular updates – Just like the normal online store, Apps and games are updated often.
  5. Access to free paid apps – TweakBox allows you to use certain paid features and games with in-purchases for free.

How to Fix Errors

Untrusted Developer error is one of the most annoying errors on iOS. Apple does not allow its users to use a third-party source that’s why you’ll see a message saying that the developer cannot be trusted. Follow the steps below to fix this error:

  • Go to Settings then choose General.
  • Click on Profile and Device Management
  • Tap on Trust to turn it on. This is to approve the configuration certificate.
  • You won’t see the developer error again

It’s as simple as that. Now head to the home screen and launch the software to enjoy the variety of games and apps.

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