Top 5 Online Trading Apps

Trading stocks and shares, currencies, commodities and more has become a lot easier in the past decade or so with the development of apps, technology and further advancements in the internet. It’s now more accessible than ever for anyone to invest some of their spare cash into a currency or company floating on the stock market if they wish. There’s plenty of information, instructional guides and the latest financial news available online. Once you’ve absorbed this, get started with one of the top five online trading apps.

  • IG

For the best FX trading platform, few can rival IG as the UK’s number one retail forex provider. The intuitive web platform links up to the bespoke mobile and tablet trading apps so you can start researching the markets, buying and selling currencies from your desk or out on the move. Plus, the web platform is free and easy to use, providing rapid execution of trades and direct market access for full transparency. It even allows you to trade on bitcoin prices without having to actually buy the cryptocurrency.

  • Acorns

If you want to begin stock trading but have no idea what to do, from budgeting to placing trades, then Acorns could offer the solution. This works by linking your bank account to the app, which then tracks your regular spending, rounding everything up to the nearest pound or dollar. Such extras are transferred to the Acorns account to invest and build a portfolio of stocks and bonds based on a questionnaire. It’s automated but simple to use.

  • Robinhood

This is a free online trading app that allows for stock trading with no commission. Using geolocation, it suggests relevant stocks and shares trends from other Robinhood users to help you decide on what move to make. A more premium option now exists, Robinhood Gold, but it’s better for experienced traders and requires a minimum balance of $2,000.

  • Stockpile

It’s not just adults who can be into trading. Stockpile is useful for teaching children about the markets while proving simple to use, as it allows for very low shares of stock to be purchased and single shares to be gifted through the app. You can invest in a portion of a share too, making a lot more affordable and fun to get involved.  

  • TradeHero

Online or on your smartphone with the app, TradeHero tracks the real live stock market prices and allows you to use $10,000 of fake money. It’s perfect for learning about how to trade and the markets, while the updated version allows you to trade real money as well. Just be sure you know if you’re using virtual or real currency when trading.

There are many more online trading apps available, but these are five of the best currently on offer.

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