Top 5 SEO Plugins For wordpress websites

As you are already knowing that SEO is the most important element required for wordpress websites/blog. But do you know SEO plugins for wordpress blogs are also important if you want to rank your website. If you are a beginner and just started with your wordpress website then along with other essential plugins you should also install these seo plugin on your wordpress as these plugins will help you in ranking high your content whatever you post on your website. Google and other popular search engines can easily notice your content if you are using these important plugins. But if you are not using these plugins so let me tell you that it is possible that your content may not be indexed by search engines.

wp seo plugins


If you will start searching for wordpress directory plugin for seo plugins then you will notice that there are tons of seo plugins available in the list. So how to choose the right plugins from that bunch ? Many times newbie bloggers get totally confused in selecting the right seo plugin and install those wrong ones which results in degrading their websites.

Today, I will be helping you all in choosing correct seo plugins for your wordpress blog which will surely help you in increasing your website rank. All these plugins which I have listed below are available for totally free of cost. So, here is the list of most popular, trusted, highly rated and most downloaded plugin which will surely help you in increasing your website seo.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast wordpress seo plugin is the most popular wordpress seo plugin which is developed by Joost de Valk. This plugin has all those required things which are needed for satisfying website seo needs. Although this plugin has premium version available but its free version is quite impressing. Free version of this plugin offers cool features like Meta and link elements, XML sitemap, Rss Optimizations, Social Seo, Breadcrumbs, etc. Not only this much but all type of basic requirements like Page Analysis, Keywords suggestion tool, Focus keywords optimization, etc. are available in this plugin.

wordpress seo yoast plugin

2. All in one SEO Pack

This plugins is the most simplest but powerful seo plugin. WordPress SEO is little bit technical for use so many bloggers prefer using this wordpress SEO plugin for quick and easy search engine optimization techniques.

This plugin has amazing features like XML sitemaps, Google Analytics, advanced canonical Urls, advanced seo optimizations, Meta keywords and over riding meta description, easy navigation links, built in API etc.

all in one seo plugin

3. SEO Ultimate

Seo Ultimate is the latest seo plugin which is in the battle of these wordpress seo plugins. This plugin contains some most amazing and powerful seo features and tools which are very difficult to find out in any other seo plugin easily.

Including the basic seo features this plugins has features like Meta Title, Meta description, Meta keyword, Canonical Urls, Permalink tweaking, etc. You will also get some of the essential features like Open graph, Auto linking, Affiliate link Masking, 404 Tracking and other amazing features.

seo plugin for wordpress

4. HeadSpace 2 SEO

Another awesome wordpress seo plugin which is strongly recommended for wordpress websites. You need not to worry if you are using this wordpress seo plugin as it controls all types of important seo functions and help you in increasing your website seo. This plugin will help you in selecting the right keywords for your articles that will help you in indexing your content through popular search engines.

5. FV Simpler SEO

According to my research I have found that this is the simplest version of All in one SEO pack. In this plugin developer has actually deleted those unwanted features which are not more valuable. But instead of those plugins developers has added some other rich features in this plugin which will surely increase your website popularity. You do not have to waste your valuable time in configuring this plugin as it already comes with many intelligent settings as default.

Thats all with this article. If you have any doubt after going through the above article properly then you can surely leave your valuable comments below in the comment box. Also, if you have found something interesting above then kindly share this content with your friends.

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