Top 5 Best iPhone Apps 2014 for Music Lovers

In this post,we are going to review some of the best music app for iphone .When you start thinking for your special moments which are involved in your life, its like there is a song which is relating to each and every special moment.It will be incomplete without a good today we are sharing with you some top music apps for iphone which will take your music experience at nest level.can’t believe read can also check out my post on how to bypass online surveys.

best music app for iphone

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The technology which is available to us for making music a whole part of our lives which is staggering and luckily, it just keeps getting better. Whether you would like to rock on with iPod or still like sporting with a CD Player, Music and it’s amazing ability of changing our moods in one of the great thing which helps in connecting us all together.Everyone knows about Pandora, and Spotify as they are one of the coolest iphone apps, But today I will be presenting you best iPhone apps 2014 for music lovers which works amazing and helps you in enjoying favourite music on the go.

Top Music app for iphone 2014

1. Audiogalaxy Mobile

Are you from those people who like storing thousands and thousands of music on iPhone and because of this, it is effecting very badly on your iphone storage ? If you have a huge collection of free songs for iphone then it can also lead in slow processing and also in mobile crashes. If you are facing the same problem on your iPhone then here is one great solution for you.

This is from one of the best iphone apps which provides you cloud- based access for you whole music library you can also check this sites for downloading music for free without any need for syncing your phone or taking tension about your iPhone memory. After downloading this application and syncing your music files to your account, you are all ready for streaming your music on your iPhone. This application also gives access to your music from any computer and a huge amount of other devices. You can download this amazing app for iPhone for free from iTunes Store.Here you can also check out the best streaming websites.

2. Sir Sampleton

In the first look only this app looks like a very simple keyboard that you had let your kids play with you. But after observing this app nicely it actually seems to be feature rich and a great app that lets you perform each and everything from recording audios to changing sounds and mixing beats. You can also easily add vibrato and other things with the help of this app. This app will really be the fun for both novices and beat masters. Unfortunately you have to pay $2.99 as this is not available for free but let me inform you that this application for iPhone is worth using.

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3. ooTunes Radio

If you are wanting to merge up with your favourite music station listening experience and you have a powerful desire of variety of genres and styles including radio talks then ooTunes Radio will be the best iphone app for unlimited listening pleasure. Mixing audio from over more than 30,000 streams in 150 countries,ooTunes Radio gives you freedom of creating the exact music playlist you want and provides you the chance for listening to radio which shows from around the world. If you want to hear a song like you then this iphone app will also allow you for direct purchase from iTunes for instant downloads. You can purchase this app by only paying $4.99 from iTunes Apple Store.

ootune rad

4. Earworms

There is nothing irritating more than getting a bad music stored in your mind. If you are cruel and wanting someone to experience the same feeling like you then this apple iphone app is made for you only. You can use this app for sending audio clips to someone which you are willing to irritate. This amazing iphone application contains 20 songs. You just need to pick one of than and simply email it. You can simply purchase this application from iTune Store in only $0.99.

5. TuneWiki

TuneWiki is one of the best iPhone app for music lovers. Tunewiki will help you in memorizing the exact lyrics of your favourite songs and ensures that you have learned your song lyrics right. TuneWiki is both a combination of radio player as well as a lyrics decoder which offers you a wide range of music streams to select from. You can also listen and get lyrics through it’s radio option or use your own iTunes library. If you have problem then you can also search for songs if you just a line or words of your song. This application is one of the best iphone apps free download from apple iTunes store.

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