Top 5 Awesome New windows 8.1 features

Hello guys, today we will be talking about the top features in windows 8.1. As you already know that windows 8.1 was launched few months back only but there are lots of cool and highly requests features in windows 8.1. There are many links available on like for Windows 8.1 updated download free. However, this windows version has only updated but still this updated version is more awesome than its previous versions. Today we will be going over and find out some top windows 8.1 features which will be helping you to use windows operating system more easily and comfortably right now. So, have a look to the below features:-

1. Start Button Icon

In the latest version of Windows 8.1 changes an amazing start icon button of windows. This button is very cool and classy in looks. This button will be helping you a lot in operating your computer/tablets more easily and comfortably. If you are on the desktop then you have noticed that small windows icon that is on bottom left corner. If you click on that icon it does not brings the all programs option as with previous versions but this brings you you in a modern interface. You can use this modern interface as you like to do. If you wanna go back again to your desktop so you have to simply click that icon again to come back in desktop.

This function is very innovative and beautiful. The modern interface is full of bright colors that you will surely like. This modern interface can be adjusted by you according to your choice. You can set the tiles size, color and type.

start button icon

2. Power Button On The Start Screen

This feature can help you a lot. This features mainly contains a power button on your computer desktop screen. This button is in the upper right corner of your computers start screen. This power button is situated in middle of user tiles and search button. With the help of this new feature you can operate the same power management system as you see in the setting panel and with the shortcut key (windows button + L). Rather than going to setting option you can directly go to your upper right screen corner and simply shut down, restart or sleep you computer. This feature is very basic but very helpful in our daily life.

Power Button On The Start Screen

3. Search Button On The Start Screen

This feature is basically a search button which is provided on your start screen.You can easily search your content directly from the start screen. Rather than opening your browser and then search for your content online you can now able to search straight from your start screen. This feature is powered by bing.

Search Button On The Start Screen

4. Tiles Customization

As you click the start button you will able see many tiles in the modern interface. Those tiles can now be able to adjust according to your wish. You can easily adjust the size, color and even you can add or remove the tiles. This feature can be very helpful as you can able to add your favourite tile in this modern interface. You can add your favourite programs tiles which will be further acting as a shortcut for your use.

Tiles Customization

Overall Verdict

Overall I want to say that these are only few features but Windows 8.1 updated version contains more awesome features. I had observed that in this new version, windows has concentrated to save our time. Windows 8.1 has many shortcuts button which will be useful in our daily life. Overall I am very happy because windows is trying its best in updating its operating system more and more better and I can say that we will see many new windows feature in future.

Hope that you have liked this article. If you have any problem or want to ask more thing about this new windows 8.1 version you can leave a comment below. At the last do not forgot to share this article among your friend circles…

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