Android Kitkat 4.4 is new better and improve version of popular android Os.With the release of Nexus 5 some key kitkat features are released on various websites. So lets move ahead and find out that which android kitkat features  makes Android 4.4 so special.

So guys after compiling and analyzing all sorts of data on Android 4.4 Kitkat I have written this posts. So here we go. Below listed is the top android kitkat Features available on Android 4.4 .If you see technically then the difference is only of .1 from Android 4.3 but has lot of new stuffs available in this version. So let check this out some new and exciting android kitkat features.But before going for list i would to mentioned here their about 200 small and big changes in new android kitkat but here we are taking down some of the top notch which certainly makes you fall for android kitkat features.

Top 5 Exciting Android kitkat features

1. Hangouts Sms Integration kitkat feature

This is the one of the biggest changes in android 4.4 Kitkat is the integration of SMS and MMS into the google hangouts app which recently replaced google talk. The new update will indicate that whether a particular message has been send as a SMS, MMS or like an online chat.this is one of the best android kitkat features which makes it highly valuable for for users.

android kitkat features hangout

2.New Design

This is another beautiful android kitkat features ,The notification bar remains in solid black in color till now and icons like battery, signal etc. Will be in white. Same is the with keys in navigation bar where the back, home and menu keys are located.  Even there are changes in background. In the previous version the background is to be of back in color but in Android 4.4 Kitkat version background will be transparent. Android 4.4 Kitkat also have flat and new icons Which makes android kitkat easy for eyes.

Obviously our smartphones are designed for calling.but they are packed with several other which makes it truly smart. In android kitkat features You will see that  Android  Kitkat dailer has better and new design.The design is little different because it is designed to arranged frequently call people on the top of the phone which is little convenient . This kitkat features also brings the new, clean and the flat design which is really impressive.

You will also get a search box on your screen. If you want to search any person in your phone book or want to search some near by places so this kitkat features can help you so far.

new design kitkat features

Another super cool android kitkat features is you can pull down the notification bar while playing games or any app. This android  feature is not available in previous versions of Android versions.

3.Voice Command kitkat features

You can perform various actions by google now with voice command without touching the device. Another good news is that Andriod 4.4 Kitkat accept several languages not only in English.These kitkat features make voice action really easy and reliable due to several language support.

android voice

4.Smoother and Streamline Performance

Android 4.4 Kitkat is much faster and smoother than its previous versions. With batter hardware and software you can get better and long lasting battery life.You will also get better memory management and performance so which you can download and enjoy different apps. As Android 4.4 kitkat is much faster and smoother then old android versions.

stream line android performance

5.Cloud Printing and Quick Office Integration

This android kitkat features is my favorite one where,In Android 4.4 Kitkat version user will be able to send print command over the web or from cloud print. This feature can also able to print from your android smartphones which should be connected from your printer.Another great news it that Android  4.4 Kitkat comes with preloaded quick office  as well. This feature it to be brought before but now the company has made it free for android and iOS platforms.

android features printing

So thats all today. Hope you had liked this android kitkat features article. If you have any sort of doubt you can comment in the comment box provided below or else you can  also shout in your friends ear by sharing this article so that they also enjoy new kitkat features.


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