4 Tips to Create Videos That Look More Professional

Creating videos that look more professional can be a lot more complicated than it sounds – mostly because it is a bit subjective. Simply put however for a video to look ‘professional’ it needs to have a certain quality and polish that is not often found in amateur videos.

If you want a place to start creating videos that have that type of quality and polish, there are a few tips that should be able to help you out:

  • Record video footage in high resolution and frame rates

One of the best places to start to improve the quality of your videos is by making sure you record them in a high resolution and frame rate. The higher the resolution the better the video’s definition will be, and as a rule you should try to make sure it is 1080p (i.e. Full HD).

On the other hand a higher frame rate will make your video look smoother. It should be at least 30 frames per second, though 60 is much better and will make your video quality look far more superior.

  • Pay attention to the composition of your shots

The composition of your video shots can have a dramatic impact on how polished and professional it looks. As far as possible it is best to keep the composition clean and avoid having too many elements in any given shot.

On top of that you can use basic composition techniques such as the rule of thirds to improve it further. By enabling the grid on your camera and positioning elements using it, your video will look more visually appealing and balanced.

  • Be sure to record high quality audio

If you are recording audio, you need to make sure its quality is up to par and sounds crisp and clear. To do that you will need to record it using a good microphone, and try to limit the amount of other background noise that is inadvertently captured during the recording.

Poor quality audio can make your videos seem much less professional, and should be avoided at all costs. In some cases the audio may not be salvageable, and if so you may want to consider removing it and replacing it with background music instead – or with a voiceover that was recorded separately.

  • Keep the editing simple and direct

Last but not least when you edit your video together, focus on simple areas that will make your video look more polished. To be more specific, you could apply color correction, try out different types of cuts, stabilize shaky video footage, and improve the audio quality or add some background music into the mix.

Try to only use visual effects if and when there is an actual need for them. Using visual effects too liberally will make your video look less professional rather than more professional – and so you should avoid falling into that trap.

As you can imagine it is important that you have a capable yet user-friendly video editor that you can rely on to give your video the final touches it needs to appear more polished and professional. For example you could try using Movavi Video Editor, as it can even be put to the task as an easy-to-use green screen software if need be.

All said and done the tips listed above should help you to create videos that have a far more professional vibe. That being said you will need to practice and experiment a little so that you’re able to record better raw footage and edit it more effectively to produce the final video.

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