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TinyUmbrella is used to restore firmware or for jailbroken or non –jail broken iOS devices that Apple is no longer using. Tinyumbrella is used to save the SHSH (Secure Signature Hash) for the user’s previous firmware. This is done in order to help the user to downgrade the system even when Apple is not digitally signing that particular software anymore. SHSH blob is the data which is a part of Apple’s digital signature which provides restores and updates for iOS.

Importance of Tinyumbrella

As discussed above Tinyumbrella saves the SHSH which helps in downgrading the system. This is important because if the user upgrades his/her system and the user does not like it or finds it difficult to use, then the user would want to downgrade the system. This is possible only if the SHSH is saved and there is a chance to downgrade to the previous or lower version.

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The other reason why Tinyumbrella and saving SHSH is important is that Apple generally restricts its users from downgrading their system once they have upgraded it. Whenever the user upgrades the system a signal gets sent to Apple about this upgrade which allows Apple to identify if the new version is above the previous version or not. If it is not then Apple restricts this. However, if the SHSH is saved then Apple can be hoodwinked into thinking that the current firmware version that the user wants to use is valid and not below the current firmware. The main use of Tinyumbrella is to save SHSH and to help the user downgrade when he/she feels the current version is not usable or does not like the new update.

How to use Tinyumbrella

There are some steps involved in using Tinyumbrella and they are as follows.

1) Device backup using iTunes

This is an important step and it is the first step. The device has to be backed up using iTunes so that the data is not lost in the whole process of upgrading or downgrading.

2) Download the latest Tinyumbrella using iTunes

The next step is to download the latest version of Tinyumbrella using iTunes. The latest version is important as it will keep the system updated.

3) Run Tinyumbrella

Once Tinyumbrella has been downloaded, it has to be run in order to have the required effect. The other thing is that Tinyumbrella does not download the users SHSH. It has to be manually downloaded from Cydia before Tinyumbrella is run.

4) Click on “Save my SHSH”

The Save my SHSH option should be clicked in order to download SHSH from Cydia and it will be copied on the user’s computer. This has to be done twice so that it is effective.

5) Press “Start TSS Server”

In Tinyumbrella, the start TSS Server option shows up. It has to be selected.

6) Restoring

In this step, iTunes has to be opened and the restore option has to be clicked by pressing the shift button on both Windows and Mac.

7) The option to choose the firmware to downgrade to have to be selected which will allow the system to be downgraded. This will allow the firmware to jailbreak from the current setup and downgrade itself to the lesser setup as per the wish of the user by hoodwinking Apple.

The language used in Tinyumbrella

Java is the language used to write Tinyumbrella. This is because it becomes easier to use Java to write a very complex application like Tinyumbrella and also it can be used on both Windows and Mac. Also, the company that develops Tinyumbrella which is Sephore is very efficient in Java and so it becomes an easier choice to use Java.


Tinyumbrella has come as a breath of fresh air for Apple users. It has given the freedom for the users to upgrade and downgrade as per the wish of the user which was not possible before. Apple has a lot of technical expertise at its disposal and it wants its legions of users to use the current setup as provided by the company and to downgrade to a lesser setup so that their current setup becomes popular. But this created problems for the users as some of them did not like the upgrade and some of them did not find it user-friendly. This created dissatisfaction among the users. Tinyumbrella has indirectly helped Apple even though it seems that this software hoodwinks Apple and does things behind its back. Tinyumbrella is used by many Apple users and it is here to stay until Apple finds a way to go around this software.

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