The Insiders’ BlueHost Review – Why It’s the Choice of 2 Million- Users

BlueHost is one of the most trust-worthy hosting providers that has been recommended and trusted by millions of webmasters all over the world. Founded since the year of 2003, this web host now hires more than 700 employees to push the boundaries for the high-quality hosting solutions.

Now, you might be wondering how can this web host achieve such a great service, along with the tremendous user base. In the following, we have made a comprehensive BlueHost review for the aspects of hosting charges, features, page loading speed and customer service.

General Information about Their Web Hosting

First of all, we’d like to introduce the general knowledge about their hosting plans. In fact, BlueHost offers three packages in total, each of which comes with different hosting prices and feature offerings. In this case, you can choose the most suitable one based on your budgets and hosting requirements.

  • Starter – This plan charges you at the price of $3.49/mo. offering 100 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 5 parked domains, 25 sub-domains, 100 email accounts, 500 MB of email storage and $50 advertising credits.
  • Plus – This plan is priced at $3.95/mo, with which you can enjoy an unlimited allocation of server resources, email accounts and domain hosting. Also, this package provides $200 free marketing credits, Global CDN service and the SpamExperts.
  • Business Pro – This package charges you at $13.95 for each month, providing all the features included in the Plus plan, along with additional SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address, the domain privacy service and SiteBackup Pro service.

The Benefits You Can Get from BlueHost

According to our in-depth review, this web host has done a great job when it comes to the aspects of affordability, performance, reliability and technical support.

Truly Affordable Web Hosting Solution

Frankly speaking, the hosting service offered by BlueHost is surely budget-friendly. Especially, if you are going to set up a personal website or a blog using their Start plan or Plus plan, you can get the best service at no more than $4/mo. As the average hosting charge in this industry is around $7/mo, BlueHost web hosting is truly affordable for the majority of webmasters.

Fast Hosting Performance

To figure out whether they can achieve a fast hosting, we have carried out a performance testing with our sample site hosted with them and the monitoring tool of Uptime Robot. After 3 months of online testing, the sample site only requires 320 ms to respond each server request.

In the following, we have showcased a small piece of our testing result during the past 30 days, giving you a detailed impression of their hosting performance.


In fact, to achieve such a great performance result, BlueHost has partnered with CloudFlare and offers the CDN service for free. This special service simply stores your website data in multiple servers that are located at different data centers all over the world. In this case, once your readers send a request for browsing your site, they can be responded quickly from the nearest server machine. The great shortening of physical distance for data delivery can boost your page loading speed immensely.

The High Level of Hosting Reliability

BlueHost has the rich experiences in this industry, so they know the importance of website uptime and stable running on the web. They officially claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for their hosted websites. But actually, they not only keep their words, but also far exceed their commitment by achieving a 100% uptime for our testing website. Check the detailed statistics for the past month from the following chart.


To ensure a high level of hosting reliability, this web host pays much attention to the quality of web servers and facility of data centers, which are two critical aspects to affect the uptime achieved by a web host.

  • They develop their servers from the scratch with rock-solid components only, along with the great server specifications.
  • There are multiple data centers utilized by them for locating server machines, each of which is equipped with advanced technologies for power supply, security and climate control.

Responsive Support Service

BlueHost offers the 24/7 technical support via various channels including the live chat, hotline calling and email. In this case, no matter when you need help, you can ask for assistance using any method you wish.

Based on our personal trying of their support service, they simply give us an efficient response for our request. In addition, based on the customer reviews, we have found that the majority of the surveyed people are highly satisfied with their support service, no serious complaint at all.


The Drawbacks of BlueHost Hosting Service

Frankly speaking, we do not think BlueHost has any major drawbacks that may affect your overall experiences. If we really need to say something bad to them, maybe they are not satisfactory in the following two aspects.

  • BlueHost is the so-called unlimited hosting provider, which claims to set no restrictions on your utilization of server resources. But the fact is that this is just a promotional trick. There is no “unlimited service” at all.
  • The features of their Starter plan are limited as compared with other two packages, which can only host a small blog site.


Surely, BlueHost is a worth-trying option to give you a great hosting experience. With them, you can enjoy a fast hosting speed and a good uptime track record. Also, you can be assisted with the best help at any time you require. Besides, this web host is cost-effective with rich features and cheap prices. These are simply the main reasons as why they are the choice of 2 millions of webmasters.


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