The Best Windows 10 Password Recovery of 2016

“Come on, I am going to upgrade my old computer to Windows 10. But it really has been a long time I didn’t use it, I totally forgot the password. Is there any way to solve it?”

How to deal with it after you forgot Windows 10 password? How to reset administrator or local user account to login into Windows? You may search it many times but still be confused. I understand you are searching the best Windows password recovery utility. If so, as professional Windows password recovery blogger, I sincerely introduce Windows Password Recovery for you. Keep reading to learn why and how to work.Here you can check out how to bypass sd card write protected on windows 10.

Why Is It the Best Windows 10 Password Recovery in 2016?

Windows Password Recovery is the best Windows password recover in the market so far, offering the easiest solution to reset forgot and lost password on Windows 10. Here let’s have a look to know what can this best Windows 10 password recovery tool do?

  • Be able to recover Windows 10 password for administrator and other users accounts
  • Offer alternative 2 options to create drive to reset password (CD/DVD/USB included)
  • 100{6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74} success rate to reset password in few seconds
  • Work for Windows 10 password reset on Dell/HP/Samsung/Lenovo

How to Use Best Password Recovery Tool on Windows 10 of 2016?

Before your start, you have to prepare for a blank CD/DVD/USB to burn bootable item. Then you are supposed to download and install program on your computer. Do as following instructions.

Step1. Burn Bootable CD/DVD/USB

Inset prepared CD/DVD into other accessible computer and run the program. Click Default ISO Image in the interface and specify the CD/DVD burning drive from pull-down list. If you are using USB to burn, you can click USB Flash Drive. The picture below can be referred. Then Burn to start bootable disk creation.

Tips1. Make sure your CD/DVD/USB is empty because the burning process will erase all data on it.

Tips2. If your computer can’t read the default ISO image, you are allowed to click Create New ISO Image to create bootable disk. It has same operational steps.


Step2. Reset/Recover Windows 10 Password

  1. Insert burned CD/DVD/USB into your protected computer and boot it. Then the program will be installed automatically on your computer. After that, you can see a window that you are required to type password. If you didn’t set bootable disk password, leave it alone.

Note: You will be asked to set BIOS. Reference to Set to Boot Computer from CD-ROM Drive in BIOS.


  1. Select the user account that you want to reset/remove and click Reset to proceed. Once you reset password successfully, click Ok to close pop-up windows. Then you can log into your computer without password.



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