TDMore DVD to AVI Converter Review

Watching movies directly from the DVD is surely a joyous experience, and it bring more and more gathering in our home, office or any other place. We love DVD and collecting them is another great hobby. But, do we really make the most out of those beautiful collections? I don’t think so. We always have the urge to see them on our portable devices or without using the DVD. DVD collection is a hobby, and many people don’t want to make their DVD scratchy or put them at the risk of losing. Also, many people want to keep their movie collection as backups in hard disks.

If the entire above situation matches you, then TDMore DVD to AVI Converter will make sure that you won’t have to put your DVD into the tray every time you want to watch your favorite movie.

The Free DVD Converter is a premium product from TDMore that quickly realized the importance of converting the DVD to AVI for their customers. They always knew the wide-spread use of AVI format and decided only to support this format in the free version. There are tons of DVD converters in the market, but none of them offers features and functionalities like TDMore DVD to AVI Converter.

The user-interface of the DVD Converter is sleek and intuitive which only invites more pleasantries from the users. The interface offers a big “Add” button in the middle of the main screen, asking the user to load the source.


TDMore DVD to AVI is a professional DVD converter that provides high-quality conversion within a short span of time. When I tried to convert a DVD, it took me around 12 min to convert a full-blown DVD to its counter-part AVI. Once you load up the source, you can choose the quality of the output video, the audio format and the subtitles that need to be generated.


After you select the options and click on the “Start” button, the conversion of the video will start. Just wait and relax and the high-quality converted video will be in your output folder in a timeframe of 10-15 min.

The common settings panel can be accessed by opening the top-right down arrow. The common settings include language changing capabilities to 3 basic languages for now, English, German and Japanese. You can also override the behavior of the application during minimization operation.

The software supports hardware acceleration that can be turned off and on from the common settings. Moreover, the software is 100% secure so that hackers cannot integrate malware or other malicious code with the application.1

TDMore DVD to AVI Converter is an amazing application that takes care of your basic needs, but if you want to more converting power then TDMore offers another amazing product, the TDMore DVD Converterwhich offers more control over the conversion. But, if you are into free stuff, TDMore DVD to AVI will not disappoint you in the longer run.

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