Best Spying Solution for Android Devices – The Review

Three apps persistently make the lists of top Android monitoring applications for allowing you to keep track of your loved ones, employees and adolescents. Determining your spying goals is up to you. It can be something you need to reach a decision pertaining to your relationship or can be mundane like checking your kids’ whereabouts. These cell phone tracking apps can also monitor popular communication channels to aid business owners and managers eradicate informal communication from the workplace and improve employee productivity. They can even track multiple goals like phone calls, multimedia files, and apps installed on the targeted device. All in all, these three apps have an extensive array of spying features that keep you posted on the target’s activities. The three Android monitoring apps are SpyEra, xnspy, and TheOneSpy.            

  • SpyEra

  SpyEra is an efficient monitoring app you can find for Android devices. If you have never tried a cell phone/tablet tracking app, we would suggest you try the spyware on your device before installing it on the device you wish to monitor to ensure whether it works or not. Don’t fret, we have tried and tested all the monitoring apps listed here to let you know how they work. When you subscribe for SpyEra, you will receive an email containing your personal account credentials and a download link. Use the link to download the software on the target device. Once the surveillance app is up and running, it will let you track browsing activity and bookmarked websites in the web browser of the phone. From the dashboard, you can learn about the exact location of the target and read their sent and received SMSs. If the monitored individual is using VOIP or video calls on their handheld device, they spy app will upload the call log details to your personal online account. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to block keywords or websites with SpyEra.  Another major drawback is SpyEra doesn’t provide any product support, which is quite astounding considering that many leading spy app vendors offer some sort of support in the form of live chat or free toll numbers. In addition, foreign language translation is mostly done with Google Translate as opposed to human translators. But the major setback is the hefty price tag that is attached to the product.       


  xnspy is an application that has been created for wide use. It is one of the handful options out there that offers a user-friendly interface. Starting from $8.33 a month, this Android monitoring app can track conversations taking place via popular IM apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. You also receive reports of the bookmarked websites and web activity. Besides keeping tabs on internet browsing, xnspy also provides you access to all the installed apps on the targeted device, ideal for suspected partners who like to know if their lover is using an unwanted app like Tinder or Instagram. Despite the fact that accurate location requires a solid GPS reception, this app can efficiently track down a phone or tablet inside large malls, buildings or even in small houses. The advanced feature also enables you to receive location updates even when the target is in places without an internet connection. You can check the location history without purchasing the Premium edition. In case, you want to monitor specific locations or sites the geofencing functionality gives you the liberty to stay in the loop without having to track every single move. The call and surround recordings are two other wonderful features of xnspy that empower users to hear through walls. However, if you wish to monitor specific activities the spyware even lets you do that. Just define the email address, contact name, number or a phrase and Voila! You will receive instant alerts the moment a defined keyword is used on the device. If that’s not enough then remotely take screenshots of the device’s screen to gather solid evidence without giving yourself away as the application works in 100% stealth mode. Those who wish to keep an eye on the schedule can access calendar entries and keep a sharp eye on the person’s next move. Sadly, there are a few hiccups. The app vendor does not offer a free trial of the software. Plus, you can only spy on one device under one license.          

  • TheOneSpy  

  TheOneSpy App is another interesting pick because of the user interface offered along with an excellent suite of features. Well, it might not be as popular as SpyEra or xnspy but reviews suggest it does its job. Let’s see how capable this app can be in performing its tasks. It would be a tough task to personally monitor every move of a person of interest you like to keep tabs on. For instance, you might have some work to take care of or you need to leave for dinner. So it won’t be possible for you to be there when the person is doing the dirty work. TheOneSpy app, however, can change that for you. The app offers various options to closely follow your partner, spouse or employees who act suspiciously. Track all the keystrokes applied on the device, including passwords, emails addresses, and messages. Monitor internet activities by having a quick look at the internet history. Discover photos and videos shared via instant messaging apps or captured through the camera on the device to stay ahead of the curve. Read chat and check out contact list to stay in the know of things. Apart from this, you can listen and record phone calls and view text messages. However, the app has limited number of features and doesn’t really allow users to remotely control the target device. Furthermore, it can be expensive, especially if you are looking to opt for the monthly package as one-month subscription will cost you $18.           The Winner Keeping the features, price, ease of use, and support service in view, xnspy clearly takes the cake away. Since it offers more features to spy on someone and perfectly fit users’ budget. Even TopTenReviews has ranked the spyware among the top products in the best cell phone tracking app tracking category.

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