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You are a busy man and you cannot just stay in your home all the time for the sake of watching a television show or one of your favorite movie and I guess that you are not always lucky enough to watch your favorite television show and movies online and that also for free!!!! Showbox app gives you the opportunity to do that! You can now watch and stream and even download your favorite movies and television shows online for free with the help of this awesome app!!!you can also streaming movies online for free.

ShowBox is such an app which can stream movies and TV shows and is built for the android platform! Users can watch and download and even stream movies in HD and TV shows live for free so it is considered as one of the best android apps. You need only an internet connection to watch or download these. This app is not available in the Google Play store so users will have to side load it to their android can also check some posts on how to download movies for free.

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An easy manual installation process of this well known app with the help of a file manager is explained below which you may follow:

  • At first you have to download the.apk file of the app from the official site of showbox.
  • A file with name as “showbox.apk” will be saved directly in your phone or memory card.
  • Now you have to similarly download a file manager from the Google play store. There are many well known file managers and you are free to download any of them.
  • After this, go to your phone’s applications under the category of settings where you will find an “unknown sources” option which you have to tap and pass the warning.
  • Now hook up your mobile to your PC and copy the .apk file on your memory card and detach your mobile after which you have to go to the directory where the .apk file is located and tap on it.
  • A pop up will soon show up directing you to open up the app manager. You can now install showbox app by taping on the install option and your installation will start. Within a matter of few minutes showbox android app will be installed in your smartphone.

Showbox for android you should lookup for ?

The latest versions of the app are having some bug problems and hence it is not working efficiently but this problem can be easily be fixed and overcome if you follow the following path showed by experts!

You have to make some minor changes to your android phone before you install showbox app in your smartphone. At first you have to go to the settings of your phone and then to the security tab and put tick mark to “Unknown Sources” and by doing this you are done with the initial phase and you can move forward to the next step by installing the app from the .apk file. Now problem may occur when you are trying to run the app and a black screen may show up showing error or system hang. This problem generally occurs after updating the app after installation. You need not worry for any problem related to this app if no error message is shown after installation. However if you are one of the unlucky guys who managed to get an error message or a blank screen during installing or updating the app then we have got a simple solution for you and that is, up next you have to uninstall showbox app from your android device. After this download one of the old versions of showbox app which you can get by searching in Google! Available version of showbox includes showbox 3.84 and showbox 3.85 but however they are not stable and the stable version is showbox 3.2! Clear the cache from your Android device if you get any buffering issues with the showbox android app. You can clear cache of the app by selecting the clear cache option of the showbox app from your Smartphone settings.check out some free mp3 download sites

However there may be still times when the showbox android is not functioning properly for some users. This is mostly happening for server propbelms as the app is going through server issues due to its high popularity within a short time! The same app may function properly within a few hours…….

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