How to Share Post Over all Facebook Groups with Just a Single Click

As you all already aware of that facebook is the most popular social networking site over the world. Millions of users daily login facebook accounts and share their amazing posts. Facebook is not only important to people but it is the best way for promoting the business online. But the problem comes when there are too many groups in our list where we want to share our content. Sharing the content on all the groups over facebook takes too much time. So, Directly coming over the point, today I will be telling you that how can you share your post over facebook in all your facebook groups simply with just one click.

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But before starting the topic let me talk on some important things related to this article. Facebook is not only good for promoting business but it is the great place where all bloggers can meet and start posting their website contains which in result gives them high traffic. If you are also from those bloggers who want share your website contents over the facebook and have joined many facebook groups for gaining more traffic but can’t able to posts your content on all facebook groups then by reading this article I’m sure you will find something important to you. As I’m also running a blog and knows that it is really sometimes annoying to open every group and then sharing website contains separately.Now, guys no need to get annoyed more because after reading this article carefully you will find a correct solution of the problem which you are facing right now.

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For sharing your posts in all facebook groups there are many tools which are available online for free for this task but today I will be telling you something new. This article will help you in sharing your content in all your facebook groups using Gmail.So, get started and find out that how to promote your content in all facebook groups using Gmail with just One click.

As in this tutorial we are going to work using gmail so it is must that your facebook account should be verified with your current gmail account.If your facebook account is connected through your gmail account then carefully follow the below listed steps.

1. Collect the email id of all your facebook groups on which you are willing to share your content. If you don’t know how to collect the email address then by following the below steps you can do it very easily.

  • Open your facebook group and then click on the group info.
  • After that you need to login your facebook account using your mobile and then open facebook group. You will see the mail address of the facebook group at the top of the group.
  • If you are not able to find the group mail address yet then the last option remaining is of asking directly to the group admin.

2. After you have collected all the mail address of your favourite facebook groups then kindly save all of them in a notepad and then creating a document.

3. Now Open you gmail account and then click on compose mail.

4. Put all the mail address in Bss field and then separate all the mail ids using commas (,).
gmail group mail select

5. At the last simply create your content in the text box. You can even upload your documents, files, photos and other things by choosing file option.

6. Now click the send button and thats all. You content will be automatically shared in all your facebook groups with just one click.This trick can be difficult at first time but after having all the email addresses of your facebook group then you can easily perform this trick every time.

Hope, you have enjoyed this trick and if you have any type of questions or want to ask anything related to this article then your can leave your comment below in the comment box. At the last I want to say that if you have find something interesting about this article then do not forgot to share this article with your friends.

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