How to send large files on facebook

Hello guys, today I will be talking about that how can you transfer your large files to your friends and family using facebook. Sending your large files over facebook is now possible with the help of an application named as Pipe which let you share files upto 1GB in size. Before getting started let us talk about some important points.

send big files using facebook

If you want to send your large files you normally prefer sending your files through e-mails, skype or by uploading your files over dropbox and then sharing a link. Now, ifsend huge files with facebook


you are willing to share your large files on facebook then you can easily do it by an application named as Pipe.

Pipe is a latest application which is specially launched for facebook. This application let you in sending your large easily without using any third party program.So, without wasting much time I directly come over the point. Just follow the below steps carefully and get started.

1. Firstly, you need to connect your facebook account through Pipe named application. Visit the following link and then simply connect your account.

2. Click on the friends button and then select your friend for which you are using this application.

3. After selecting your friend simply click on the pipe which is displayed on your screen.

4. Then you have to select your files which you want to send it to your friend.

Thats all. Now your file will be automatically send to your friends account. Isn’t simply.

What if your friend is online ?

If your friend is currently available on facebook then just click send file now and thats all. This application will inform you for every step like how much percentage you have completed your sending, size of your file, filename and all other information of your data which is transferred out from the total size. If you think your file is lengthy and it is taking too much time then you can also cancel your transfer of file any time.

What if your friend is offline ?


You can store your file on the LockerĀ option if your friend is currently not available. You can choose duration of days ( between 1 to 5 ) for which you want to store your file. Your friend will be automatically receive an alert message for downloading your file.

Hope, that you have liked this article and you will surely be using this application from your facebook account. Is you have any type of confusion regarding the above article then do not forgot to leave a comment below mentioning your problem. At the last do not forgot to share this article with your friends.

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