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Product which you are going to buy on the web is the toughest job than buying it in local shops. The only reason till now there is no any good online platform for comparing any products with other online retailers in one place To fulfil that, here we have one awesome website geared straight to educate the customers to buy the best product available in the online market.

As the technology is rapidly growing the number of online users too got increased gradually.And as the result, more prefer to stay active online and they go with online shopping too! This is one of the biggest things that made many e-commerce owners to start a website just like a start-up and they have succeeded with the online shopping trend! I mean all stores like Flipkart, Snap Deal, Jabong and many more. So why I’m taking about these things now Recently, I was looking for the brand new iPhone 6s and surfed Google for some best review and comparison! But I haven’t got any site which satisfies my need. But the Conzumer does! Let me introduce the new Conzumer to you all!


Conzumr is an online platform to compare products with many online shops with pros and cons along with price too! Here you can find 5000+ categories like books, Smartphone’s, electronic goods, personal care and more. They fully concentrate on providing detailed product features, specifications, reviews along with ratings too! And the best thing, you will get all details about the specific product you are looking for at one place. Yeah, you heard it right! With the single click and at one place! Pretty isn’t?

As I mentioned before, I visited Consumr site and then entered iPhone 6S. Once I did, I felt really happy after checking out the results. It gave me exact details about iPhone 6s that what I was looking before! They have compared all iPhone models along with its competitive brands too! That gave me the easy comparison and at last they have added price from least to high.

So sites offers low and others doesn’t! It is hard to visit all sites to check the price. But with Conzumr it made easy for me to look over the price and discount for more than 12+ online websites. This is one of the best features of Conzumr. I really love it!

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And comparing a product here is so easy! By visiting Conzumr you can know lots of things about the product you’re looking for. Then easy to find a deal for the lowest price in the online market. Make informed buying decision by knowing the product as you wish! Another good thing for mobile users! The works great on mobile browsers as the design of the site was mobile friendly to all!

They have one thing in their mind to serve consumers by Helping us Search followed by Comparing and to buy it! In short Search > Compare > Decide. That’s a great service by!

More excited about the Conzumr? Then why are you waiting? Just navigate to Conzumr and start comparing your product and then buy it! Enjoy your shopping experience with conzumr! Cheers

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