Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Apple iPhone 6: Comparison of Top Two Upcoming Smart Phones

Smart phone users are waiting eagerly for the launch of the best smart phones of the year, which are Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6. Best features and smart apps are the quintessential features of these phones. They have won over millions of customers with their previous versions; now with the succeeding editions, there are anticipations for a rework over the existing phenomenal features.

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samsung s6 comparision

The Display Screen- Big is in

Samsung has always been in the lead for providing larger devices with great screen sizes. On the other hand the latest model of iPhone has a screen size of 4 only. This year the phone is expected to cross 4.5. Samsung will retain its display size with a 5.5 diagonal screen size. Speculations are also there that the iPhone 6 might have a Sapphire Glass display. On the other hand, Samsung will stick to Gorilla Glass with a 3D OLED foldable display.

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Better Operating System

The OS of the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone will be beyond Android version 4.4. There might be the introduction of Samsungs own OS, Tizen. For Apple, iOS8 will be incorporated in the iPhone 6 which will have loads of user friendly features.

Memory- The Bigger, the Better

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a Ram of size 4 GB. While the internal memory might be 64GB, the expandable slot will have 128GB space. iPhones already have 64GB phones in their hand; however the newer version might boom up to 128 GB.

Camera- Higher Resolutions

Competitor flagship devices of iPhone have been coming up with larger camera resolutions. iPhone has always been sticking to 8 MP. This time, smart phone users expect the incorporation of HD-slow motion video feature added in the iPhone 6 model. There might be the introduction of VCM OIS actuator module which will help to reduce the haziness from an image even if it is taken in motion. The camera quality of Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to increase to 20 MP for primary and 4-7 MP for the secondary camera.

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Other Essential Features

For iPhone S6 there are prognostications for a better camera, mobile payment option availability, solar power, liquid metal and introduction of styluses as few of the major attributes. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will have certain other features such as blink to click photo, wireless charging, and heavy duty batter for a change.

The Apple iPhone 6 is expected to come into the market after June 2014, while Samsung Galaxy S6 will be around in the beginning of the year 2015.

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