Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors & Leaked Info

It happens only when a new Galaxy device emerge through the market with finest specs that people start to wonder whats going to happen next. In this case, Galaxy S5 is the one that enabled people thinking about its next generation S series smartphone. Before unveiling Galaxy S5, we’ve heard a lot about its futuristic specs and unique features. But, hardly had they reached our satisfaction. Although, Galaxy S5 brought some unique features that are currently absent in most of the flagships from different manufacturers but they failed to pursue the satisfaction from their customers. Exactly this thing happened with Galaxy S2 & S3. People loved the Galaxy S2 but failed to accept S3 for its vast similarity with S2. Without hardware tweaks and addition of fingerprint sensor, Galaxy S5 hardly opened its range of features to dialect the fans perception. We’re pretty excited to show you some of the detailed leakage info of Samsung Galaxy S6 which can be released in the next year.

samsung galaxy s6

New samsung galaxy s6 release date

The release date of Galaxy S6 is quite uncertain. We’ve got a few clues to determine and gauge when the company can release the next Galaxy S device. According to many sources and prehistoric device release, Galaxy S series devices are generally released in the Q1 of every year. Galaxy S5 was released in January of 2014, we got many leaks throughout the web within December to get certain details of the upcoming S5. So, we’re pretty concerned that we’re going to get a updated list of leaked specs within the next half of the year. In the meantime, keep in mind that Samsung might be going to release Galaxy Note 4 in the second half of 2014, so, it’s really possible that they’ll bring their next Galaxy S device within March, 2015.

Samsung S6 Rumored Specs

One of the best things about Galaxy S series devices is that they don’t lack sheer performance in their specs and they always comes up with the industry-leading specs onto the market. Galaxy S5 already featured 64-bit Quad-Core processor with 2GB RAM though the Note 3 came with 3GB RAM. In these circumstances, where Chinese manufacturers are equipping Octa-Core processors onto their smartphones, within the next year, Samsung might bring on 16-core processor for top-notch performance. According to many sources, Samsung’s True 16-Core processor might be featured in Exynos 8000 Chipset and it might include 4GB RAM.

Android KitKat is already available in the Galaxy S4 & S5. So, we’re hoping to get the Android 5.0 in the next Galaxy S device. In case of security, fingerprint and retina scan capability is quite imaginable in the Galaxy S6 which is aiming to be released within a year. So, it’s not too much to ask for.

Samsung Galaxy devices always outrank the current trendy market and come with embedding their smartphones with innumerable features. As most of the Samsung fans were pretty disappointed about the recently unveiled Galaxy S5, its pretty possible that Samsung will bring on features to compensate for the missing consumer demand for the current market. Keep tuned for more info and upcoming leaks which will generate more possible features of the upcoming trendy market.


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