Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors Pointed Towards One Big Thing,Tech Spec,Release Date

Samsung upcoming Galaxy flagships are hovering around the rumors sections quite heavily. The Galaxy S series got a new flagship already and itll be available on AT&T within the next week on 2 years of contract for $200. The upcoming Note flagship model is currently in the production section of Samsung and will be available within Q3 of this year. Before the release of Samsungs latest addition to their smartphone sector, Galaxy S5, we heard a lot of mumbling and jumbling about its industry-ahead features. But, it really disappointed us to see a lot of them were absent in the actual unveiling of the product. Before samsung galaxy note 4 release date, we’re quite excited to see the missing features of S5, but, one big feature has centralized all of the rumors and that is bent display including three sided one.

Samsung galaxy note 4 specs & release date

Samsung always pushes its sales by generating a powerful launch with their S-Pen powered Galaxy Note model to fight with other flagships during the holidays in the fall. Galaxy Note 3 already created a new standard behind its powerful specs but thats not going to stop the rumors to fill consumer minds about the launch of  Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung galaxy note 4 features and spec

As far as we’ve heard so far, Samsung might be uncovering the curtains on their galaxy note 4 specs in mid-November, which is a periodic historic addition to their Note series. Also, it might come with Samsung flexible display tech with 3-sided flexible display thats been shown off in last years CES. Samsung already put this flexible tech to use in the Galaxy Round, but they kept the production number pretty low on purpose. Samsung is also looking for foldable display technology with better viewing angles. They might be working on the prototypes of such models before releasing smartphones that come with this technology later on 2015. But, a new report is suggesting that Samsung might be putting this tech into a Galaxy device this year.

According to Song Jong-ho from The Korea Herald, Samsung is planning to bring bent display later on this year with a few million units currently in the production. In addition to that, this source is claiming also about the unveiling of Samsungs foldable display features that might come within the next year. Probably, the bent display with a Note series is just a trial to gauge how these displays will work through the consumers selection. This news has nothing to do with any of the confirmations from Samsung. Samsung hasn’t unveiled anything and we’e thinking Galaxy Round was the trial to see how Sammy fans would react to such a device. Galaxy Note is the closest to the Round and putting the bent displays to use on this selection would be the most logical decision according to many sources.

With a lot of promising features on its brand, the Note series is quite famous for its powerful specs, letss see what new additions Samsung will make on the upcoming Note 4. Keep with us to get updated news on Samsungs any confirmation about the device or any of the leaks from different sources. We are hoping that the galaxy note 4 price will be.

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