Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date,spec,price (Pre-launch preview)

Samsung is contemplating launching a new version smart phone called Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sometime this year. Though the company hasnt till date made known its likely time of release, people, curious as they are have started making wild guesses about the possible features the new wonder phone might contain and the release date. samsung galaxy note 4 rumors are going really wild lets let try to bring to bring some transparency into the seen. Samsung galaxy note 4 release date and review

What is samsung galaxy note 4 release date?

Its a phablet, a hybrid incorporating the bests of both smart phone and tablet with technological innovations of the day. Going by past history and pinning faith in its ability to bring out awesome features, the users around expect that the new version is likely to come with facilities like bigger display, 16 MP Camera plus yet more wonderful additions like the up-to-date Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System.

samsung galaxy note 4 specs &Expectations:

Wireless charging system: This system will help the users charge their phablet from a greater distance from the plug point, there being no wire connection involved. The technology for this uses a magnetic resonance with a charging pad. It’s a unique feature not adopted so far by any previous smart phones, tablets or smart phones

samsung galaxy note 4 features

Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System:

A new release is generally expected to contain a highly efficient Operating system, and so, the upcoming new version (Note 4) is also no exception; it’s likely to have an upgrade of the existing Android 4.3 Jellybean as 4.4 KitKat OS, according to some technical savvy people.

Bigger display screen:

Galaxy maniacs expect the new version Note 4 to have a bigger display of 6 inches size, even while imagining the phone size remains unchanged.

Three-sided display:

Also called YOUM, this is a new addition expected, similar to 3-D display. When included, the screen components can be seen from any angle. And, the flat screen also will not disturb the display if seen from the edge.

Hand writing decoding with advanced STYLUS:

This is yet another new addition worked by the advanced STYLUS. By scribbling your signature, you can lock and unlock your phone and any application. In the absence of the particular handwriting, none else would be able to use the phone. The technology uses the handwriting decoding technique for this purpose.

128 GB Expandable memory:

This is another expectation by the users. If this turns true, Galaxy Note 4 with 128 GB expandable memory, the highest expansion available with any fastest phablet on date would become one of the fastest among all phablets and smartphones in the market.

Dustproof and waterproof:

Though appearing simple, its a great facility useful from practical side, for its continued use even notwithstanding dust ingress and drenching in water. Note 4 has such a dustproof and waterproof body, really a revolutionary concept adding to the remarkable features it is expected to carry.

Yet other additions:

Bigger is better. The phablet connoisseurs are happily expecting a bigger S Pen to come with Note 4 for easy navigation, compared to the earlier versions. Reasonably priced, its expected to surpass all latest iPhones. In the ultimate analysis, what people expect is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes out as a pack of innovations and modern facilities providing ease of use and proving a piece of pride and utility. Though late, it should be latest, according to them.


  1. Ammar Zeb

    Its true, technlogly these days is advancing very rapidly and we shouldn’t be doubt in expecting some really blasty things by advanced technology in the future ….. !

    By the way thanks for sharing such tips ………

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