SD card write protected|Disk Is Write Protected On Pen Drive[100% Working]

In this article , we will covering the topic of how to remove write protection from sd card usb drive quickly.There are lots of memory cards and USB pen drives which now a days comes with write protection switches.

These write protection switches doesn’t allow user to copy or transfer any of the files to the device.

It also results in prevention of files from being deleted and to fix a write protected flash drive Remove write protection from usb can be done three ways.

We will see each of the ways in below step guide

We have categories write protected sd card error in 3 method you can use any one out of all of them why we have different for remove write protection on micro sd card that you will figure out later in the article.

so go ahead fix your micro sd card write protected issue.

If you have any issue while performing below steps comment below down we will try to reached to you as soon as can also check out our last post where we have reviewed some amazing movie streaming sites.

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Remove write protection on micro sd card sandisk

But what if you will find that your memory card is refusing to being formatted and windows is informing you that your Micro/sd card write protected error, even though there is no type of write protection switch.

If you are facing issue in remove write protection usb  and want to get rid from this memory card write protection error then continue reading this article.

You need not to take any type of tension because you have landed on a perfect page which will be helping you out by providing you solution for removing write protection on usb or from any other device.

So, without wasting more time, I directly come over my main purpose of writing this article. I have listed some of the simple and best ways by which you can easily get rid of write protection remover from sd card.

Don’t worry this problem is not at all big as it seems.

You will be only needing few couple of minutes for solving out this problem without even taking any kind of professional help. Just carefully follow the steps as shown below :-

How To Remove write protected micro sd card usb 

Step 1 : Check If Your Pen Drive Have A Lock ?

In most cases it has been found that memory cards and usb drives are having lock which prevent them from being formatted.

So, kindly check that your memory card is containing any type of lock or not ? If yes, then push the lock on opposite direction to unlock it.

If your SD card is having any type of lock then you will notice that there are markings provided for lock and unlock.

how to remove sd card wrote protected error from any memory card

Step 2 : Scan SD Card Using Antivirus Or usb write protect

Mostly, it has been found that these error generally occurs because of mischievous nature of viruses, trojans and worms in your computer or memory card.

So, try to scan your pc and sd card write protected for making sure that they don’t contain any type of harmful files.

After scanning your sd card properly again try to copy files to your sd card. If the process is successful then it is okay but if not then continue reading this article.

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Step 3 :How to remove write protect in flash drive Using Windows Pc

Get Inside Your System Registry 

Many types of issues and errors occurs inside a windows system and can be easily solved using registry editor.

Just follow the below steps as shown : –

1. Click Start > type “regedit” and open “Registry Editor”.

2. Now follow the below path after opening registry editor :-


3. Now you will see “Write Protection” option. Double click on that and set the value data to ‘0’.

After setting the value data to ‘0’ again try copying or formatting your sd card.

After performing the above step you are still not able to format your sd card then continue to next step.

Step 4 : Open Diskpart Utility For Removing Write Protected From Memory card/usb drive

  1. Open Command Prompt and type diskpart and press Enter key.
  1. After opening diskpart type “list disk” and again press Enter button.
  1. Now type “select disk 1” to select your sd card and press Enter key again.
  1. To remove write protection from sd card type “attributes disk clear readonly” and hit Enter.

Now you are almost done with this process. Simply type “exit” and press enter key once more to exit the menu. 

  1. Now, right click on your Sd card and click on Format option to format your card.

That’s all, now you can now easily remove write

How to remove write protection from micro sd card in windows 10

protection from micro sd card and can copy your data without any restrictions.

Hope, After reading how to remove write protection from sd card article.

If you still have any type of doubts or questions then kindly leave your valuable comments below in the comment box. Also if you have found something interesting above then kindly share this article with your friends.

Thanks guys for such a overwhelming response on this article we will certainly come up with something more which will be helpful to you.


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