SD card write protected|Disk Is Write Protected On Pen Drive[100{6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74} Working]

In this article , we will covering the topic of how to remove write protection from sd card usb drive quickly.There are lots of memory cards and USB pen drives which now a days comes with write protection switches.

These write protection switches doesn’t allow user to copy or transfer any of the files to the device.

It also results in prevention of files from being deleted and to fix a write protected flash drive Remove write protection from usb can be done three ways.

We will see each of the ways in below step guide

We have categories write protected sd card error in 3 method you can use any one out of all of them why we have different for remove write protection on micro sd card that you will figure out later in the article.

so go ahead fix your micro sd card write protected issue.

If you have any issue while performing below steps comment below down we will try to reached to you as soon as can also check out our last post where we have reviewed some amazing movie streaming sites.

If you memory card is broken and lost data then here you should find out tips on how to Recover Data from Damaged Micro SD Card

Remove write protection on micro sd card sandisk

But what if you will find that your memory card is refusing to being formatted and windows is informing you that your Micro/sd card write protected error, even though there is no type of write protection switch.

If you are facing issue in remove write protection usb  and want to get rid from this memory card write protection error then continue reading this article.

You need not to take any type of tension because you have landed on a perfect page which will be helping you out by providing you solution for removing write protection on usb or from any other device.

So, without wasting more time, I directly come over my main purpose of writing this article. I have listed some of the simple and best ways by which you can easily get rid of write protection remover from sd card.

Don’t worry this problem is not at all big as it seems.

You will be only needing few couple of minutes for solving out this problem without even taking any kind of professional help. Just carefully follow the steps as shown below :-

How To Remove write protected micro sd card usb 

Step 1 : Check If Your Pen Drive Have A Lock ?

In most cases it has been found that memory cards and usb drives are having lock which prevent them from being formatted.

So, kindly check that your memory card is containing any type of lock or not ? If yes, then push the lock on opposite direction to unlock it.

If your SD card is having any type of lock then you will notice that there are markings provided for lock and unlock.

how to remove sd card wrote protected error from any memory card

Step 2 : Scan SD Card Using Antivirus Or usb write protect

Mostly, it has been found that these error generally occurs because of mischievous nature of viruses, trojans and worms in your computer or memory card.

So, try to scan your pc and sd card write protected for making sure that they don’t contain any type of harmful files.

After scanning your sd card properly again try to copy files to your sd card. If the process is successful then it is okay but if not then continue reading this article.

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Step 3 :How to remove write protect in flash drive Using Windows Pc

Get Inside Your System Registry 

Many types of issues and errors occurs inside a windows system and can be easily solved using registry editor.

Just follow the below steps as shown : –

1. Click Start > type “regedit” and open “Registry Editor”.

2. Now follow the below path after opening registry editor :-


3. Now you will see “Write Protection” option. Double click on that and set the value data to ‘0’.

After setting the value data to ‘0’ again try copying or formatting your sd card.

After performing the above step you are still not able to format your sd card then continue to next step.

Step 4 : Open Diskpart Utility For Removing Write Protected From Memory card/usb drive

  1. Open Command Prompt and type diskpart and press Enter key.
  1. After opening diskpart type “list disk” and again press Enter button.
  1. Now type “select disk 1” to select your sd card and press Enter key again.
  1. To remove write protection from sd card type “attributes disk clear readonly” and hit Enter.

Now you are almost done with this process. Simply type “exit” and press enter key once more to exit the menu. 

  1. Now, right click on your Sd card and click on Format option to format your card.

That’s all, now you can now easily remove write

How to remove write protection from micro sd card in windows 10

protection from micro sd card and can copy your data without any restrictions.

Hope, After reading how to remove write protection from sd card article.

If you still have any type of doubts or questions then kindly leave your valuable comments below in the comment box. Also if you have found something interesting above then kindly share this article with your friends.

Thanks guys for such a overwhelming response on this article we will certainly come up with something more which will be helpful to you.


          1. Hasib

            Can not format my card its given same reply this disk is protected.What the solution please inform me as soon as possible sir

        1. Ayush Verma

          yes the same problem is here. i also trying to format my memory card. the same problem ” the disk is write protection” .

          so dear admin please help us what we do ?

          1. Tinashe Enock

            Me too its,even worse it now unreadable on my pc its saying format disk then after formatting it says windows was unable to format dick

          2. Prakash

            Problem Solved,

            Remove your SD Card
            Insert SD Card into Mobile
            Switch ON the mobile
            Format the SD Card

            Format Completed……

            I Done by Redmi Note 4G

            Thank You.

          3. balaji bandigi

            yes ayush verma, I my windows also showing same problem…. “the disk is write protection”

    1. Chandrashekhar Patil

      After following all these steps. SD card shows
      “Windows was unable to complete the format”
      What should i do more?

      1. Venkat

        I did not find StorageDevicePoliciesA in my windows 10 laptop. Also tried all the steps mentioned above, but no use. What can I do with my 64 gb samsung evo plus sd card ? How can I make it work ?

    2. Anovin casmir

      Hey guys if your SD card shows Windows was unable to complete the format, please follow this steps below. 1. Open/lunch your cmd (Command Prompt) and Run as Administrator
      2. Type Diskpart and press enter
      3. Type List Disk and press enter
      4. Type select disk 1 and press enter
      5. Type clean and press enter
      6. Type Create partition primary and press enter
      7. Select partition 1 and press enter
      8. Type Active and press enter
      9. Type format fs=fat32 or u type format fs=ntfs
      Please take note, when doing this make sure you insert only the sd card, usb or drive that u want to format, in order to avoid errors….please this is only for those that their windows cannot format their drive and if this did not work for you, please let me in order to look for another solutions..

        1. Huzaifa

          Sir i’ve tried every way you told but none of them are working.. please sir help,its still saying media is write protected

        2. Shahzad

          not working still stucking with the same promblem ” windows unable to complete the format”

          tell me another way to sort out this problem

      1. Mladen

        after CLEAN got error:

        DiskPart has encountered an error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.
        See the System Event Log for more information.

      2. Nobody

        Hello i tried everything in here and it actually worked and i successfully formatted and copied everything i need back…….. but when i reinserted my memory card my old files were back the way they were and i still couldn’t delete any file on the phone saying its still write-protected, so its like i was back to square 1 where i couldn’t delete my files, somebody recommended the anti virus but when i checked and scanned it says no virus are found so……. i would like to ask how to fix this problem? the guys below says step 4 is the key where you uninsert and reinsert the memory card but it does not work for me…………. so please help its 32GB and it would be such a waste not to use it so thats it..

      3. fe gadon

        it did not work for me, after 100 {6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74} completed it said there was an error..please help me to fix it i tried everything.thank u in advanced.

  1. prasanna


    i am not finding the StorageDevice Policies file in my pc….

      1. Pranav

        right click> new> dword> name it as StorageDevicePolicies > right click on it> new> key> name it WriteProtection
        then do whats given above

        1. vks

          Problem still not resolved after done process as you guide above. Message is coming at the time format ” The disk is write protected”

  2. LJ

    Can’t unlock my SD card password
    I don’t want to format it
    It contains valuable files
    I tried to open mmcstore in e series Nokia phone via explorer, but It’s a fail…
    Please help me

  3. Rig

    thanks for sharing this amazing article on how to remove write protection from micro sd card, i tried above procedure it worked for me ,so keep it up with your good work…..i am looking forward for some more tricks like this ..

  4. shahana

    [[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/StorageDevicePolicies. ]] Here i am not able to find out the storage device policies. Please help me.

  5. srinivasareddy

    I tried all the techniques but it is not working still it is showing “windows was unable to complete the format ” so please send any other technique so that i can use my memory card again

  6. Altaf

    Nice Article I Try This but no success but i found its 100{6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74} Solution i share this on my website

  7. ritesh

    i have done these processses and tried to format my sd card but it says windows was unable to complete format… plz help.. it sucks

  8. afzaal

    महोदय जी,
    आपने जो समझाया है वो सब ट्राइ कर चुका हु।
    लेकिन मेरा प्रोब्लेम वही का वही है। आपके हिसाब से REG EDIT मे [[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/StorageDevicePolicies. ये आना चाइएया लेकिन ।हमारे द्वारा लास्ट का /StorageDevicePolicies OPCTION नही आता है सिर्फ /Storage आता है
    क्या करू बोलये।
    बहुत प्रोब्लेम मे हौ जल्दी कुछ हल बताएय प्रभु।

  9. Mangesh Anaokar

    No one has ever attended the real problem for SD card formating. The partition on the SD card remains active but inaccessable. So this partition can neither be deleted nor be altered. No solution is provided if the SD shows active partition in Diskpart, when the size of the card has been reduced say from 16GB to 30MB and “select partition” does not select the active partition.

  10. fyou fyou

    There is a little switch on the side of the SD card “mine is white” switch it up. It’s that simple. This jerk just wasted a half hour of all our time…

  11. reema

    thanks for sharing this amazing post dude it really help in removing write protection from sd card. Remove Write Protection From Usb

  12. emma

    thank you very much. i had 2 sd cards a 16gb and 32gb. now they are both completely formatted. step 4 really helped me. Thanks i can now use them freely.

  13. brogan

    i have tried all off the above steps but it’s still saying my device is write protected. anyone know of anything else that will solve this or will i just have to get a new micro sd card?

  14. venandana


    Nothing Works….

    I have tried all off the above steps but it’s still saying my device is write protected. anyone know of anything else that will solve this or will i just have to get a new micro sd card

  15. malc.cureton

    Many thanks. I am a novice at this technology but following step 4 it gave me every thing I needed.
    thank you for some plain language that I could understand.

  16. Shah Manthan

    Sir i cant find storage polices at last i am using win10 and i wany to format transcend 16gb class 10 memory card using it in a1 android

  17. Allan

    Thanks for your information. Unfortunately I was not the StorageDevicePolicies in the registry. Whilst in dos I thought Why not try the old DOS format command… That worked for me. I’m using Windows 10 and it firstly told me that another process was using the drive but asked if I would like to dismount the drive and close all processes. After doing that it began formatting.

    After opening the command prompt in administrator mode simply type in format X: (or whatever drive your SD card is)

    All the best to all.

  18. sammer

    In this article , you cover below solution very well …thanks for sharing this amazing article with us looking forward some more tips and tricks article like this .. usb write protected , disk is write protected ,sd card lock ,device media is write protected ,disk write protected ,sd card is write protected ,how to format write protected micro sd card unlock micro sd card

    thanks again .Sammer

  19. Successor


  20. Craig

    I had four micro SD cards requiring formatting. The first two formatted fine but the following two, in a different adapter (from a different vehicle) refused to format regardless of what I tried. The lock on the adapter had never been locked so that was never a problem. I decided to try the adapter I had used on the first two cards and straight away they formatted. So try a different adapter first if you are having trouble formatting Micro SD cards.

  21. Annoymous

    You shouldn’t say
    “Now type “select disk 1” to select your sd card and press Enter key again.”

    If the user has additional storage devices the sd card can be in any location. Make sure to check the MB number of the sd card for location.

  22. John Meggie

    For all of you that have tried everything (check the lock, diskpart, regedit) here is what worked for me. There is tiny notch opposite the lock switch on the SD adaptor. That is the write inhibit notch. Carefully put tape over the notch. Don’t cover the pins. It took me FOUR pieces of clear tape. The first three did not work. But the forth piece worked! I can write to the SD card on my PC.

    1. Burt Stanton

      And the Winner is…

      JOHN MEGGIE!!!

      This guy gets the cheese!

      That takes me back to the days of 5.25″ floppies. Why the hell is that notch there on the SD adapter anyway?!

    2. Firefox

      O.m.g. this actually works. It’s been driving me crazy for a year that i couldn’t get it to work. three pieces of tape did it for me.

      This should be up there with the solutions!

  23. Raman

    cool post dude thanks for helping me out with that,it worked for me like a charm , hope it will never come again.

    thanks for sharing ,by

  24. niloy

    Glad i found the solution for this, you are doing really good work man , 4 step worked for me the best ,i hope i wont face this issue write protection issue on my mirco sd card again.

  25. Gaurav kumar

    Hey i have a 32 gb micro sd card and it has some content (don’t think about it). when i formate it by minitoolpartation tool it remove the partition and free the allocated space . after removing flash disk and reconnecting it it shows the previous data. and space it used …please fix it …
    contact id:[email protected]

  26. Vikram Sandhu

    Hi bro
    I have a 4gb microsd card and I tried out many ways using DISKPART and REGIDIT but it didn’t worked.
    Please if there is a way to sought this problem out then let me know.
    Vikram Sandhu

  27. Haleigh Sharp

    Uh, I can’t do most of that stuff, so I tried flipping the switch. However, no matter which way I flip it, IT DOESN’T WORK! I hope it can be fixed so I can use my Nintendo normally…

  28. Carla

    Hi… My windows are unable to list my sd drive as an option. What should I do? Plus I’m not finding the StoragePolicies in my pc

  29. three customer support telephone number

    Greetings from Los angeles! I’m bored at work so
    I decided to browse your blog on my iphone during lunch break.
    Ilove the information yyou present here and can’t wait to take a
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    blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G ..

    Anyways, great site!

  30. Yugam Kumar Aggarwal

    Just found the lock on the sd card after going through all that shit you have posted and felt like an idiot following your steps. Too bad you are fooling everyone like that.

  31. aaditya

    tried all those three methods.. bullshit… just consumed my time… hav a better and working methods… dont waste others time

  32. christina

    worked for me went from 8-10 on laptop and some reason encountered a write protection when i was trying to format my memory card. the regedit process didnt work but this did finally thank you 😀 and btw it does help if you unlocked the card with the switched turned up. lucky mine was already unlocked when i tried this step

  33. Shivu

    In my system no “Storage Device Policies” option. Its show only storage option
    how to enable this option please help meee..

  34. Dee

    This didn’t work (as well as many other ways i’ve tried to remove this issue). I have no issues formatting or deleting files or writing to the cards when using Mac OS X or a variant of Linux.


    I was unable to formate or copy anything on my sd card but when I SAW A SWITCH ON CARD READER I TURNED IT UP AND EVERY THING WORKED FINE AND I WAS ABLE TO COPY AND FORMATE EVERYTHING ON SD CARD .so whole time is waste on reading it just switch it up and u are done.NO NEED TO DO MORE THAN THIS.

  36. Kartik Agarwal

    In registry editor method cant find ‘StorageDevicePoliciesÂ’ and in cmd diskpart after attributes disk clear read only command an error occur saying ‘Diskpart failed to clear attributes’

  37. Sudhakar

    All tricks used to formatting memory card but after completion of formatting every time message shows unable to complete format. In diskpart command only one drive is shown and another drive is not showing. Please help.

  38. elleia mabilog

    if im going to format my card, it always say the disk is write protected.:( i really don’t know why is this happening…

  39. Hrishikesh Varma

    As the title says, I can’t format or delete files on my McroSD (16 GB Transcend MICRO SD CARD) that I used in my mobile. I’ve tried: 1. Moving the lock switch (hehe) 2. Diskpart attribute clearing 3. Regedit (there was no key so i made one) 3. HP format tool (no access) 4. SD formatter (no access) 5. Low Level Format Tool (shows that formatting was done, but when I pun the card back in all files are intact). When I delete/move files it shows ‘progress’ (i.e. no error message), but when I re-insert the card back all files are as they used to be. Any ideas (besides trash can for now)? Thank you in advance.

  40. Didace

    All possible ways are failed on window 10. try to help me via my e-mail. my sd card is write protected means i can’t format, add files or remove files. try to help me please!!! thx for your support

  41. harshal patil

    hey i tried the step no 4 now my pc do not showing the memory card connected to my pc using card reader plzzz help me to out of this problem……i am witing for ur rply(my pc is windows 10)

  42. ronak

    I followed the above steps still its showing your disk is write protected after i tried to format it. Please tell me what should I do.

  43. Roland

    Put the mini SD card into an USB adapter (very similar to pendrive)
    It will work immediately…

    I have spent hours to find the way. I did try everything mentioned before.

    If the SD card comes from a phone, it is better if you erase all data with your mobile first.
    Some short file will stay on the card, but the USB adapter will let you format it.

  44. Vicky Allen

    I got so many Drives after inserting my sdcard into my laptop with an adapter.
    I tried to format my sdcard it says “the disk is write protected”.
    I tried all the steps given above still the same problem.
    what should i do . . . . ? Please Help Me. . . .

  45. Nancy D.

    I just slid the that piece on the side up as pictured & it solved my problem. It took off the “Write Protected” message from my SD card

  46. Aniruddha

    Couldn’t read all comments. Sorry if it’s repeated. But you should try typing in “clean” instead of “attributes disk clear readonly”

  47. Kiran

    I tried all the options mentioned above nothing worked for me.
    While trying formatting using diskpart method I got following error.

    DiskPart has referenced an object which is not up-to-date.
    Refresh the object by using the RESCAN command.
    If the problem persists exit DiskPart, then restart DiskPart or restart the

  48. Quy VO

    For those crazy about this stupid Read Only SD card on Windows 10. I search all the Internet and find NO solution for this. Just why???? I used to work with SD card normally before. The problem may be come from an update of windows 10.

    But finally, I have solution. I just put the sd card to another computer (windows 10 or 7 is ok), then that computer will install new driver automatically. On that computer, if you can delete files on sd card, your problem has been solved. Then you can put your sd card back to your computer again. It will work normally. I tried with my 2 sd cards.

    I am not sure how to solved the problem on a single computer. Reinstall driver doesn’t work.

    Thank me later.

  49. juan Kassoff

    Tried this and it stated readonly attributes were removed. Tried to format but told me still write protected.

    I noticed that everytime i placed my sd card adapter in my reader it would move the tab in the down position and caused it to revert to write protected.

    Placed cellotape over the tab and was able to format card.

    Who designs these friggin crap products?

  50. dagnachew

    sir pleas helep me i try but dose notm working what shal i do now pleas giveme anther way 100{6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74} WORKING

  51. P Patel

    After using the 1st to 4 steps I am unable to formate the sd card.
    In 4th step in Command prompt after the command “attributes disk clear readonly” showing the Diskpart failed to clear disk attributes. Please suggest now what can do to formate the SD card.
    After the 3rd steps also I am unable to formate.
    Please help further

  52. Luka

    If you dont have protection switch on your big SD Card, and from some reason card is write protected, break it, take micro SD from inside, put in adapter with protection switch and format SD. Work 100{6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74}

  53. Om

    Thanks. …..,………………thanks for this at iCal. May brother…………………………………….. Lot of thanga………. …………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+++!!!+++++++

  54. Barnabas Obed

    I was able to format the SDcard but I used it and took some snap shots on the process of editing it when back saying its protected and i should go to volume H to remove the protection.. please I don’t know what to do anymore..

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