How To Remove Shortcut Virus From USB / Laptop / PC / XP /Win7

Now it is time to save lives…not believe me read ahead.If you are windows user and worried about shortcut virus in computer then we are about to share with you some methods which will certainly help you in removing shortcut viruses from pc.When I used to be Windows user I faced this issue couple of time.While I was looking for topic I came by this topic I thought ,I should write post so here I am , how to remove shortcut viruses from pc post we are sharing with you some methods to remove shortcut virus from USB / can try all three methods at once or you can try one by one if some of them didn’t worked for to bypass surveys online

Why we are sharing several methods to delete shortcut virus from usb ? Aren’t we sure about one solution ?? Yes , we are but every computer has different environment which really affect computing,hence several method in case few of them didn’t worked.

How to remove shortcut virus from PC ?

To remove shortcut virus from computer we are sharing some common and easiest ways to remove shortcut virus from pc / usb without further do, let’s start.

how to remove shortcut virus from USB

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Remove shortcut virus using shortcut virus remove tools?

This is one of the best and easiest method to fix shortcut virus issue on Usb drive, computer and laptop.This is a completely automated process no manual intervention at all .you just need to follow below steps to remove shortcut virus from laptop.

  • First of all downloadshortcut virus remover software
  • Open the software
  • Select pen drive or computer drive which is infected by shortcut virus.
  • Select the drive from given list of drive in the software itself & Hit Scan Button.
  • It will show you the list & click Delete button .What next…You are done…Virus gone

How to remove shortcut virus from laptop using .bat file

what is bat file ?? Bat file is nothing but the executable file which will be created in the notepad and can be manipulated easily.This is long lasting method some time when you computer got completely infected at that stage other program are unable to execute in that situation .BAT file process will help you to remove shortcut virus from computer .Disadvantage of this process id that , you have to manually follow the procedure which we will be showing…..I know this little tough for non technical people but I am sure , if you follow exact procedure

  • open notepad
  • copy & paste below given code

@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

@echo complete

  • save the file with removevirus.bat
  • Now replace the Name_drive with infected drive name , if you have more than 3 drive simply copy and paste the command.
  • Now simply close the file and run it.
  • Once everything done …remove file from drive and folder too.

Remove shortcut virus using CMD

in this methods, we are going to remove shortcut virus from laptop , this process is collected effort of all support so if you missed anything in the way…then you are not able to result, so follow the below exactly as mentioned.

  • Open CMD with run commend or All programs in windows
  • write the below command

attrib -h-s-r-a /s /d Drive _ letter (like H ,C, D )

  • Hit the Enter and you are done……..

Hope this article would have helped you in solving the issue of shortcut virus on pc, If you have any issue while following procedure or any questioned regarding can always write in below comment box.Plz…share article if you find it helpful…


  1. seema

    thanks for sharing this amazing post it helped me out lot with removing shortcut virus from computer , i have been facing this since long time but thanks god stopped by your blog & get rid of it permanently.

  2. Sandeep


    All above mentioned steps really helpful actaully to remove shortcut Threats etc, BTW….thanks for sharing such a informative Article………!!

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