How To Unlock Memory Card Password (4-Methods)

In this post,we are going to see how to unlock memory card password with 3 different methods.Every Smartphone has huge memory these days.some of it comes with internal and other comes with external.Here we will  be revealing several methods to memory card password unlocked/recover memory card can also read my post on how to remove write protection error from memory card and you can also try how to remove shortcut virus from computer.

Method 1:

How To Remove Memory Card Password On Pc

For Android Devices

1. Go to file manager of your mobile

2. In the Setting choose system folders,

3. In the System folder, find a file named as mmcstore

4. Send the file on pc or laptop with the help of data cable or Bluetooth

5. Then,Open the file In notepad

6. Once,file is open you will see the password located in the file.

you can use this ways to remove memory card password from android device or any other file explorer phone which gives you access to mmcstore file of memory card.

remove memory card

Method 2:

How To Remove Password From Memory Card

1.Insert card in any E series or N series Nokia mobile

2. Format it

3. it will not ask you for password

This trick to remove memory card password works well with nokia E series phones but you can try this on other phones at your own risk.

Method 3:

How To Unlock Micro Sd Memory Card Password

For Symbian Mobiles:

1. Download  any file Explorer for your device to scan all file on your mobile

2. Start Explorer app & press zero(0).This will allow you to see system files

3. the look for MmcStore file,which should be located in /sys/data/mmcstore

4. once you located above path then open it with any normal editor

5. Now look in the third column,for the code like !TMSD02G

6. then delete it.and you are reset you memory card password.

Method 4:

How To recover Memory Card Password Using Software

1.Remove the memory from you android device

2. insert into any memory card and connect to pc or Laptop

3. once done and right click on device disk

4. then choose format from menu option.(for windows only)

5. Once done,you will see your memory card password has been removed/unlock

Hope,this article will help you in restoring/remove memory card password.If you faced any issue with above procedure do let me know in below can also share this post among your friend for spreading more help.

how to delete memory card password

memory card password recovery

Tips To remove memory card password

Remove memory Card Password

Way to Remove micro sd card password

Trick to unlock micro sd card password  


Trick to Remove memory card PasswordDisclaimer:

if any of the above method didn’t work for you in any case please seek expert help near your place because if these four method didn’t solve you issue that means something different really happened with you memory try all things might lose all your data on memory card or card will damage in these both cases their are very high chances that you might lose all your data on card permanently.Intension of this article is not provide expert advice but to solve minor issues on your memory.As always we can leave your feedback in comment section we will get back to you within 24 hours.


  1. Keval

    thanks for sharing this amazing tips to unlock memory card password all above methods are worked really well.

    Thanks for sharing keep it up with your good work….

      1. Sujap Dahal

        Wat the funny post…if ur memory is locked then its not working in android how to???and i tried in e series(e75) its not working

        1. Odanye

          Hi after making use of the CMD and all other processes the password hasn’t been able to be unlocked. And it’s not also detecting on a phone but only on a system.

    1. Suman kr. Das

      my mobile is Nokia X2-01. its not support the file explorer software and also when i connect through card reader its not shows. what should i do.. please help me

    2. c mbwaga

      my phone is T751, i use tecno 4GB memorycard which has been locked for two weeks. it needs password all the time,even if i want to format needs can i unlock it?

  2. yogita

    thanks for sharing this amazing article on how to remove memory card password,i did unlock my memory card with 2nd procedure…

  3. varun

    Dude thanks for sharing this amazing post but i could able to open FFexplorer on my phone i tried all possible solution ,to find mmc on my nokia phone.

  4. saumya

    my memory card is locked. and mobile is Nokia asha 200. mobile not support the file explorer software and also when i connect through card reader its not shows. what should i do.. please help me.

  5. chandra prakash kedia

    by mistake i have given password in my sd card from nokia mobile and lost that mobile now i am using andriod phone tries to remove password by format but itsnot removed so plzz help me

  6. Prakash

    My sd card is not detect in Laptop only detect in Nokia X2-00 and asking password.
    I am try all ways to format it but not successful.

  7. onuh

    Good morning and thanks for your ideas, am using nokial 200 and i suffer the above problem of sd, what proceedus can i use to unlock on the phone?

  8. Niki

    thanks for sharing …this amazing post on Micro SD card password recovery ….but do u have any idea about data recovery micro sd card

  9. Prashant29

    Memory card is locked. so it is not detected by card reader or any software. and regarding MMCSTORE its not working when phone memory was formated. then how to unlock memory card password ???

  10. ashfaque

    I didnt put password in my sd card, i dnt knw how sudenly it requers a psswrd.
    I dnt how to brk it……nd its psswrd also
    Help me sir. I hv my important date in sd card

  11. samanram

    Hi I have 5sd card which are locked but not be opened with this all method reply me how to unlock or call to this number 903681884 ok bye……..

  12. Boardova

    What English fun. This page is our base belong to us encapsulated funkiness. Never before is this happening so well. And myself is failing so is locked.

  13. Chaos

    I have my sd card readable only in my nokia c1-01..when i insert it in tecno s9 tab,its not visible..and i guess its because of the password i installed in can i make it visible in that android device?n what if by any case i deleted that folder containing hidden details bout the password will i be able to recover it?

  14. suresh

    please tell about how to unlock password from memory card in nokia mobile i forget password pls send me software link that can remove password

  15. Lindokuhle

    Can somebody help please i’m suffering from openning my memory card because my child inserted password and he has forgotten it

  16. TAPIWA

    my sd card is appearing in the hidden files on my computer but I cannot format it, it is not reading in my android 4ne pliz help me. ive tried the above steps

  17. karthik

    my sd card is appearing in the hidden files on my computer but I cannot format it, it is not reading in my android 4ne pliz help me. ive tried the above steps

  18. dauson

    Friends, I locked my sd card using Nokia C3 phone and i forgot the password. what can i do to unlock it. I dont want to fomat coz it has alot of my data.

  19. Precious Kacheche

    I was using Nokia E63 with memory card inserted in it.. unfortunately the phone was infected by viruses so I had to flush it, but with memory card removed. right now whenever I try to insert the memory card back into the phone it asks me password of which I forgot long time ago. please help me on how I can remove or bypass the password.. The memory card contain valuable data of which i dont want to lose. please help

  20. Priyanka

    My memory card does not show on my phone (Samsung on7) in MY FILES app..i try to recover it but it ask for password which i do not know that..plz tell me what to do…many memorable images are inthat..plzz tell me..

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