How to Remove Last Seen Timestamp from WhatsApp in iPhone

One decade before in past, text messages were new for people and they were ten times more costly than today’s prices. Technology always brings useful inventions that help humans to make their lives more luxurious. But it’s the fact that every innovation bring drawbacks with them, similarly excess use of text messaging is making teenagers’ brains rotten. If you’re using text messages for productivity, marketing and to share knowledge then nothing is better than this can also check my another post on best whatsapp status.also see how to hide last seen on whatsapp.

Chat Messengers introduced few years back, have made communication cheaper and easier.whatsapp is the most astonishing chat messenger among all that’s low cost and allows its users to communicate with anyone living anywhere in the World. WhatsApp is much better than text messaging services in terms of quality and features, because it allows you to send media files including pictures, videos and voice recordings to your loved ones.

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Few years back, text messaging was the cheap way of communication, now WhatsApp like messengers are cheaper than messages and according to me, after few years text messaging is going to be free of cost, you can guess about this because some telecom companies in different countries are offering free messaging services and some internet websites like SmsPunch are providing free text messaging service too; I think that in near future, text messages and Wifi services will be free.

What is Last Seen Timestamp and Why it’s Essential to Remove it?

I’m personally using WhatsApp and have some irritating people in my contacts list, but as you know we can’t ignore anyone. Yesterday, when I was using my WhatsApp, suddenly I got a message from one of them and he asked me for my credit card details, because he wanted to pay some of his bills, I didn’t reply to that rubbish and ignored it; after few minutes he started sarcasm on me because he had noticed the “last seen” timestamp of my contact.

After this annoying incident, I decided to remove the last seen timestamp from my WhatsApp, on my running iOS 7.1.2, after storming my brain for few hours I found two methods to remove this last seen timestamp from my iPhone. I’ve tried both and they are working seamlessly.


Method 1  Remove Last Seen Timestamp from iPhone

Step 1: Go to your WhatsApp messenger and from the tabs available below your WhatsApp screen, tap on “Settings”. You’ll find different setting options under this tab.

Step 2: Now from the menu tap on the option of “Account”, that’s available on the fourth position from the top.

timestamp for whatsapp

Step 3: After that, get into your account’s option, tap on “Privacy” button and it will take you to your WhatsApp’s privacy settings.


Step 4: On the top of the list, you can see the “Last Seen” button, tap on it and mark the option of “Nobody”, It will simply remove last seen message from others’ WhatsApp messenger; So, nobody will be able to see whether you’ve read his/her message or not.

tap for last seen

The changes will take up to 24 hours to take effect.

In some cases, when you want to remove the timestamp instantly then you can use the second method.

Method 2  Remove Last Seen Timestamp from iPhone

This method is simple and handy, just go to your Cydia store and search for “WhatsApp LSeen TimeStamp”. You’ll find this awesome app in the Cydia store, just tap the option to install it.

After successful installation, go to your default Settings’ app and search for “WhatsAppLSTime” and open it.

From  the top of the screen find these two options to enable this app that are “Enable iT” and “Hide/UnHide YourSelf”, turn on both of the options and last seen timestamp will be removed from your WhatsApp messenger in just few seconds.

hwo to hide last seen from whatsapp

If you’ve any other way to hide last seen message from your WhatsApp, then let us know via commenting on this article.

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