Reasons Why Console Gaming Is Better Than Pc Gaming

Figure 1 Console vs. PC gaming

As a mere person without much interest in gaming, you wouldn’t care whether you play a console game or a PC game. However, if you are very invested in gaming, you probably know the differences between the two. They may all offer the same excitement in playing games, but they have individual differences between them. While gamers have unique preferences, there are still several things that make console gaming a lot better than PC gaming. For players globally, the console vs. PC gaming debate is still a perennial battle. Before you run out of this deliberation, have a look at some of the reasons console gaming is better than PC gaming:

You Don’t Need to Check the Specs

When indulging in PC gaming, the top concern for most gamers is the hardware specifications. People have to go through a myriad of options before they can spot the perfect PC for their needs, especially when it comes to high graphics cards. In checking for the hardware specifications in a PC, a lot of time is spent in finding a device that can handle the games you want to play. This is not a concern for console gamers. The job is made easy for them because, once you buy the box, grab a kinsal chair, and you buy a game, you are all set to play.

You do not require frequent updates

With PC gaming, you may need to keep updating your system often, to get the most out of your set. It demands an update on the Pc for the relevant patches, increasing the storage space, and improving the CPU. This is especially true when you have to try out the most recent games. With console gaming, the narrative is different. A console will continue to perform smoothly and run the latest games even after a couple of years of use.

Playing on TV

Everyone associates TV with comfort, leisure, and a lot of fun. While PC gamers can pride in spew forth images consisting of a quadrillion pixels, it cannot match the experience of playing on a TV. Think of the experience of having a nice big TV in the living room and playing from a comfy sofa, with a 5.1 Surround Sound system. With such, you can encourage some of your friends to come over for a game, instead of slouching and at a desk and crowding in a dimly-lit room.

Remember, PC games are not compatible with TVs, which means you cannot quite enjoy a game from the comfort of your sofa. The flexibility of console gaming has it that it is suited for both desk and non-desk setups.

Cheaper hardware

Given the high-tech specs you should be looking for in PC gaming, you can understand why the hardware would be costly. With console gaming, you will only invest on game discs, which you can enjoy every available game at 1080p, and later on, share the discs with your friends. This is not possible with PC gaming because licenses are locked to a specific account and are non-transferrable.

No mouse and keyboard support

More to the reason why console gamer is relatively cheaper than PC gaming is the absence of mouse and keyboards. Most gamers can attest that controllers are way much better than a keyboard and a mouse because a controller is built with a design that more naturally sits in your hands than will a mouse and a keyboard. Further, the support for mice and keyboards has PC gamers stuck in front of their computers playing, while console gamers enjoy all the comfort, flexibility, and fun. This, however, is not to mean that you cannot attach your keyboard in your console gaming. In fact, the consoles have slots for USBs where you can plug your keyboard or mouse if you want.

Gaming should be a pleasurable experience and not a time for you to add more pressure on yourself. Technically, console gaming is much better than PC gaming when you look at it in these perspectives, but in the end, the decision lies in the preference of the gamer.

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