35+ Rarbg Proxy List & Unblocked Mirror Sites [2018]

Torrent sites are one of the best sites to download the content you would want to download, be it movies, music, games, apps, software and what not. You can easily download literally anything on the internet from these torrent sites.

However, you might actually go to your favorite sites to download all your favorite content. Such torrent sites include 1337x and even Rarbg which you can easily go to and download all your favorite content for free.

If there is any kind of movie or album which you want to download, then you are going to find them right away in these torrent sites without even having to pay any money. Rarbg is also one such site which would allow you to download all the movies and TV shows for free.

RARBG Proxy & Mirror Website

If you love to watch any of the anime shows, TV shows watch tv series online free streaming, movies or anything you want, you can right away head to this site and download it right away.

However, you would need a torrent client for this site and right away when you download the torrent file, head over to your torrent client, like uTorrent and start downloading it right away.

The best thing about rarbg is that it has a lot of torrent categories available for you to download and find all the popular torrents you want. People love the interface of this site and not only that, but this site has really great availability of torrents, something which you would want for sure.

This torrent site is also updated with all the new movies and other stuff like TV shows, every now and then, which makes it even easier to find all your favorite content.

However, there are a lot of instances when you are not able to access the rarbg torrent site as it has some server issues at times and sometimes, it is just not available in your countries. So, you can actually use a VPN to access this site if this is not available in your country.

Though a VPN would help, still you might actually still won’t be able this site at time due to TLD issues. So, the best and first thing which you can do is to just find the rarbg proxy sites and right away try to visit them.

The proxy sites of rarbg are its mirrors, which would help you to access the site without any issues like movierulz. There are actually a lot of ways to visit this site, and we would be discussing a few of them in this post.

List RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites:



So, these are some of the best proxy sites which you can refer to in order to access your favorite torrent site called rarbg. The main domain of Rarbg is Rarbg.to, and if this domain with this TLD doesn’t work for you, then you need to just try any of the proxy sites given above. You can copy paste them right in the URL bar of your browser and access the site right away in order to download all your free torrents.

Still, if you are not able to visit rarbg site with these steps. Below we have given another method for you to access the main site.

RARBG Proxy Server: Using VPN extensions on your browser

There are a lot of times when you just don’t want any kind of new app or software on your computers, particularly a VPN, and if that is the case for you, then you can easily go ahead and download the browser extensions which allow you to use a VPN right within the browser without paying anything for sure. Same is the case with Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox, some of the common browsers which we use. However, if you want, you can easily do it on Google Chrome. Let us tell you how it is done:

  1. First of all, go ahead and open Google Chrome.
  2. Head to the apps market of the Google Chrome.
  3. In the search bar, type “Browsec” and download it right away.
  4. You will be asked to allow it to function on your browser. Do it right away and allow all the permissions.
  5. Now, you will see the extension on the top of the browser. You can click on it and enable it.
  6. Change the location to United States and now, you will be allowed to access any site you want. Do it as per your will.


When you are trying to visit any kind of torrent site without a VPN, you are mostly not allowed to enter the site as you are not allowed to access this site without a VPN.  

When you just visit the site, you are displayed with the message that you are not allowed to access this website, something which most of the users face. So, in order to bypass anything like this on your screen, all you have to do is to download a VPN in your computer and start using it. One of the best VPN, you can find them online. So, just go ahead and download and start it.

The next step is that you just open Chrome or any browser which you have installed and right away go to rarbg.to and you will easily be able to access this site without any issues. However, when you have to choose the location of the VPN which you have to choose manually, you can easily keep it to United States. So, go ahead and try this method for sure.

So, these were some of the best unblocking methods of the rarbg site and you can easily just go ahead and try these methods to access all your favorite content from rarbg site.

Also, before you access any of such sites, make sure you follow a certain rule of turning on a VPN as the torrent websites can be quite risky as they were quite active for a long time, right until the activation of KAT torrents and not only that, but as soon as that site was brought down and the owner was arrested, many other torrent sites were just deleted and totally removed from the internet.

If you love to watch any of the anime shows, TV shows, movies or anything you want, you can right away head to this site and download it right away. However, you would need a torrent client for this site and right away when you download the torrent file, head over to your torrent client, like uTorrent and start downloading it right away.

So, this was the full guide. Happy torrenting.

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