Whatsapp Lock – How to protect your whatsapp with password??

As,we all know whatsapp is the best instant messenger over 450 Million users are enough to prove it.you can also install whatsapp for laptop Whatsapp is became the market leader due to flexible & blazzing performance.whatsapp offer some great feature like messaging,photo sharing and video sharing.but their are several area where whatsapp lacks i.e whatsapp lock .whatsapp doesn’t offer any locking feature for default installation here we are sharing with you the whatsapp tricks to set whatsapp lock.best ways to set whatsapp lock is to have app whatsapp lock app.This whatsapp lock app help you to secure your chat from unwanted use you just need to download and install this simple whatsapp lock plugin.follow below procedure for more help

Whatsapp lock app is a free and useful password based lock app for android which allows you to protect your messages from family and friends. but on the other hand ,you will also get addition layer security to secure your confidential data or conversion.To avoid these kind of situation we have app i.e whatsapp lock.This app has easy to install & auto configuration makes it even more power & secure.

One really interesting feature of this app is it capture the photo of those persons who tried to access to your whatsapp lock or try to unlocked it.But this is only possible in a case, where user phones has front camera.follow below procedure for installing and downloading whatsapp lock app.

How to use whatsapp lock on android device

1. Download whatsapp lock for app on your device.

whatsapp lock - How to protect whatsapp with lock

2. once Whatsapp lock installation is done, set the 4 digit pin as a password & confirmed it on another screen.this password will be asked anybody try to access your data or chat using whatsapp lock.

3. On the next screen you will see the option to enable or disable password for whatsapp.if you choose ON then password will be necessary to read whatsapp messages.

4. finally turn it on to see effect.

That’ it, i hope you would have liked my post on whatsapp lock.if you faces any issue with the Whatsapp lock during installation process do let us know in below comment or you can also leave your words.If you care  about family or friend you can share this post to advice them about their privacy whatsapp lock or whatsapp protection.


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