11 Best Private Search Engines of 2018

Internet users often look out for private search engines who don’t track, that do not keep any track of the searches they make. In case you are on the hunt for these search engines, you will find this article beneficial. When you browse the websites, your IP address is recorded to the site. It can keep a track on the activities you do on the cyberspace. In order to keep your activities secret, it is necessary to browse the internet anonymously. Here, you will come to know about the search engines that do not track your searches.

Private anonymous search engine list

Privacy-Oriented Alternative Search Engines


WolframAlpha is one of the best private search engines privacy. This is extensively used by security researchers, as it does not keep a record of the searches you make. The search engine introduces a new mechanism to obtain the answers and knowledge. The users do not have to search for them on the internet. The process is carried out through dynamic computations, which is based on a huge volume of inbuilt data, methods, and algorithms. This search engine works out quite well.


Privatelee is based on https and the alternate search engine has got an SSL encryption. This does not keep a record of the keywords you use to search for the necessary data. This search engine has gained tremendous popularity and is extensively used across the world. Users who are aware of the security concerns and want to maintain the confidentiality of their online activities often opt for this search engine. Most of the time, people do not like getting tracked by large business networks. You can use this search engine to maintain your online privacy.


This is a popular search engine and is used by internet users in many parts of the world. It does not keep a track on the activities of the users. In case you are looking for a private browser that does not collect personal information and share the same, you can go for this one. This is one of the best private search engines you can try out.


Well, you may be looking for a cool search engine, that comes with certain advantages like filtering the results out in quick time. You can go for Yippy, one of the most popular private search engine. It does not keep a track on the personal information of the users, nor does it keep a record of the activities carried out online. The search engine is capable of filtering out the search results, according to the wish of the users. It works on a user-based search mechanism to deliver customized answers. Besides, the search engine does not keep a record of the keywords which you have used to make the searches.


This is one of the best private search engines, and it is known for its speed. The speed of search is even more than that of NSA Search Engines. This is because it does not install the personalization features in the mechanism. Besides, the search engine does not use cookies to track the searches. The search engine is preferred for Patriots and you can try it out.


Startpage is a good private search engine. It displays the results of Google before the users. However, it keeps the searches protected and does not track the activities. A proxy browser is used in this search engine. This eliminates the possibilities of websites tracking the location and IP addresses of the users.


If you are looking for a search engine that maintains the secrecy of your data and integrity of personal information, you can try out Hulbee. It is an effective alternative for people looking for a search engine that does not keep a track on their activities. Unlike most of the search engine, it does not leave any track. Besides, it does not carry out an analysis of the visitors. The search engine does not store personal information and IP addresses. You can keep your personal details and activities secret when you use the search engine.

Disconnect Search

This is a good private search engine, and it uses other search engines like You Content, Bing, and Google for assistance during search. It does not track the IP address of the users. When you use the search engine, you can even choose the location before starting surfing.


People looking for a good private search engine that does not keep a track on the records of searches made on it can go for Lukol. This search engine uses the custom search assistance of Google while showing the results. You can get customized search results, when you use this search engine. It uses a proxy browser while making the searches, which prevents websites from tracking the activities of the users.


Gigablast is a private search engine that indexes tons of web pages. It does not track the browsing history of the users while providing the information. This is one of the best search engines for making private searches on the internet. It provides an overall protection to the users from spammers and marketers.


This is a trusted private search engine, that does not keep a track on the users. It does not keep a record of the activities of the users. One of the best advantages of using the search engine is that it prevents spammers and other third parties to collect data and misusing them. You can keep yourself protected from the marketers and other parties when you use the search engine.

Apart from searching for text-based data, the users can also search videos, news, and images through the search engine. You will also get a chrome extension when you use the search engine for making the searches.


Users willing to keep their searches untraceable can go for this search engine. MetaGer is one of the best private search engines and does not leave any mark of the searches made by the users. It has gained popularity among various segments of the internet users due to the confidentiality it maintains. The search engine uses a proxy browser, that prevents websites from tracking your data.


This is a good search engine, used to make private searches. The makers of the search engine are the same as Startpage. However, Startpage simply fetches the data from the google results. However, Lxquick collects data from other sources as well. The design and interface in these two search engines are almost the same. The privacy features of these two websites are also similar. You can try out this search engine, when you want to keep your search data untraceable.


This is not a completely private search engine, however, it is used by people across the globe for keeping their search results secret. The search engine keeps the logs of information that are personally identifiable but deletes the same after 48 hours. Well, google stores search information for 9 months. In comparison to Google, this search engine can provide you with more privacy, as the period of retaining the data is short. This is one of the popular private search engines that you can try out.

In case you are looking for a private search engine, you can try out any of these. This will help you retain the secrecy of your online activities and keep your data protected from marketers.

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