Prepare yourself for MAHCET AIPMT 2016.

Education is the foundation of one’s future. Gone are the days when a graduation degree alone got one a job. Now, in this competitive era, in order to get a job one needs to ensure that they have a master’s degree in their kitty. The best way to get a master’s degree is to go for Master of Business Administration commonly known as MBA. Now, India is filled with various MBA institutes each of equal repute and all of them have an entrance examination. Maharashtra is also known to have various kinds of MBA institutes that are known to be of repute. The fact that Mumbai is the financial hub of India and located in Mumbai gives it an edge over others. The MBA institutes in Mumbai are known to offer world class facilities and ensure 100 % placement at the end of 2 years of studies. The common entrance examination of MBA institute in Maharashtra is called MAHCET that stands for Maharashtra Common Entrance Test or AIPMT test

MAHCET is an entrance examination that is given by students who are either interested in pursuing an MBA degree from an institute in Mumbai or want to pursue the Master of Management Studies. This is a centralized test designed and managed by Directorate of Technical Education also referred to as DTE. This examination is known to take place in various parts of Maharashtra. In order to know more about MAHCET or to enroll oneself, one can easily browse through the website to know more details.

Now, just like any other entrance examination, MAHCET is also known to have a minimum standard of eligibility. If you do not fulfill the eligibility criteria, then you will not be able to take the examination.
Here are a few of the eligibility criteria for MACET 2016.

Age Bracket: The age bracket of MAHCET applicants must be within 21 to 25 years of age. This is the first criteria that a candidate must fulfill

Graduation is a Must: MBA or MMS are both masters degree , so in order to apply for one you need to minimum be a graduate . The graduation needs to be done from a university that is recognized in the eyes of AIU or Association of Indian Universities.

Minimum Score: The graduation marks or score sheet for a MAHCET exam is 50 % . In certain cases the score might be lowered to 45 % as in case of disabled students. This is the minimum score that one must have in order to apply .
Last Year College: In order to accommodate students and ensure that they do not waste a year , MAHCET also allows graduating students or last year college students to apply provided they meet the other criteria’s on graduation.
MAHCET exams were earlier done offline, but this year on there are talks of the same being done on an online platform, so ensure you are familiar with the same.
In order to apply for MAHCET 2016 you can browse through DTE site for information. The application fee is INR 1000.

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