Is paying for VPN a good idea?

As the Internet is becoming an integral part of our lives, the question about network surfing and the data being sent requires more attention from users. In addition, there is an increasing problem with blocking the access of certain users to certain sites.

Internet providers and government agencies can be responsible for this. One way to solve such problems is using VPN Download, which is absolutely free

Having gained positive feedback from users, this service that does not require the installation of any software, is free for all comers and available for different operating systems. To work on your computer or mobile device, you will need to create a dial-up connection once with the following settings:

  • VPN Type: PPTP VPN
  • Encryption: Enabled (or Auto)
  • VPN Server:
  • VPN Username: type whatever you want
  • VPN Password: changes several times a day, you need to watch it on the main page of At the time of this writing, the password was: 1560

Connection options vary depending on the operating system installed by the user. Therefore, at the top of the site, you need to select your type of system. In addition, it is recommended that you use Google’s DNS servers to avoid blocking problems through your local ISP’s DNS server:

  • DNS Server 1:
  • DNS Server 2:

By the way, you can do this in the settings of your basic Internet access, regardless of whether you will use the VPN connection or not. After creating a remote access with these parameters, it’s enough to start the connection to get anonymous access to the network through the encrypted connection. The following restrictions apply:

  • The duration of one session is 8 hours, after its completion it is enough to reconnect with a new password;
  • The speed of access to the network is 3 Mb/s, the speed of data transfer is 1 Mb/s.

HideGuard VPN

Another free connection, which does not require any settings at all appeared in 2013. This program is HideGuard VPN, which is available only for users of Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 operating systems.

Unlike the first option, when no components are installed on your computer, in this case you need to download the latest version of the client program.

The installed program will take care of all the connection setup functions. The user will only need to use the button to turn on and off the VPN connection if necessary. The management of the program does not require any preparation and is available to any user. Turning on and off the HideGuard VPN takes a few seconds.

Plus HideGuard also allows not only anonymous browsing of sites, but also using e-mail, ip-telephony and other applications. In this case, the connection is automatically protected by using the PPTP encryption protocol. Through the encrypted channel, the program connects the user’s computer to the developers’ servers of this program, which makes it possible to completely hide the user’s IP address from shadowing and deliberate attack.

The developers assure us that no information about the user on the servers of the program is preserved, which guarantees complete confidentiality. The only limitation, as in the case of VPN through is the drop in the speed of Internet access.

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