15+ Music DOWNLOADING Apps For Android Free [100% Working]

Music lovers are familiar with Android apps that have been developed for music. However, most of the time, people land up in a hassle, regarding the quality and functionalism of these apps.In order to address this challenge we are sharing the list of top music download apps for android iPhone users for free.

If You are craving for a single, dedicated app, where you can find all the features you want. These apps for music download allow the users free music downloading.

Here, you will get to know the top Android music downloading apps that you can download on your phone.You can also check out here the list of top movie downloading websites where you could download all genres movies for free.

You would look out for an app, which does not require you to have a large storage space. Besides, you would love an app with a good variety of songs. Check out these easily download music apps that will enable you to enjoy your leisure hours with the music of your choice.

free music downloading apps for android

Best Apps To Download Free Music | Best Music Downloader For Android


Songily is a popular mp3 music app for Android, where you will find a good collection of songs & download free music online in 2018. It is known for the quality of music it provides to the users.

Besides, the app enables the users to download the songs on their devices. This is one of the key reasons behind the popularity of the app.

You can search the songs of your choice and play them online using this app. Besides, the users can share the music downloaded through the app with others how to download music to your phone?

In a nutshell, the app comes with almost all the features you would expect it to have. The users can select the songs from the Top Charts in the app. They can also search the music online and play them. You can try out this app and spice up your leisure hours.

Spotify Music

Spotify the recommended Music app.Spotify is one of the most popular apps for streaming music online and downloading music for free. This app is available in the Western countries, Australia, New Zealand and certain parts of Asia.

The collection of songs in the app is really huge and you will love the variety. You can look out for the latest released singles and albums in the app.

This music app even allows the users to play music in the offline mode, without the internet connection. Besides, the users can search for music on the app and create their own playlist.

The app allows streaming music at 320 kbps, which ensures high quality to the users. In case you are looking for an app where you do not have the disturbances of ads, you can go for this app.

Download Mp3 Music

This is one of the best android app for music mp3 downloading music 2018, you can play music and download the mp3 files for free on your device. Besides, the app enables the users to share, transfer and download the music.

You can also use the music with other apps.

The interface of the app is sophisticated and it has gained popularity for its usability and user-friendly features. However, one drawback of the app is its slow speed.

Besides, the users need to deal with a lot of advertisements on the app. Music lovers can download songs of almost all genres from the app. You can search, play and download the songs. The users can also transfer them to other devices.

Saavn Music & Radio

The collection of songs on this music app is really huge. You will find a good range of English, Bollywood, and Hindi songs. The app also enables the users to listen to radio.

You can create your playlist on the app and share them with others. However, the users will not be able to use the app in offline mode.

It does not support offline saving and you will require an internet connection to play the songs. The users can even follow their popular artists and keep themselves updated with their latest releases.

You can also chat about the song while sharing it with your friends through the app. The app comes in both free and paid versions.

The Pro version of the app is free from advertisements and allows the users to download the songs to listen to them offline later on. You can download the app for daily updates.

You will also enjoy the live podcasts and weekly top songs list on the app.

Wynk Music

This music app for Android phones has been gaining popularity since its launch.

It has got a user-friendly and attractive interface. The android app to download music for fee has a collection of more than 1.8 million songs.

The users can listen to them online or download them on their devices. It allows the users to filter the songs according to their preference.

You can find a good collection of Hindi, English, Hollywood and Bollywood songs on the app. When you pay the subscription, you can enjoy unlimited downloads from the app, and the add-free features.

It has got a massive library of music, both Indian and international.


This music app allow you to stream latest music online for free has been developed, focussing on the tastes of people with an inclination for Indian music. It has a good collection of Indian songs, with different genres and moods.

Evidently, if you are looking particularly for Indian music, you can download this android app for music downloading on you phone.

The users can explore the existing playlists, which have been developed according to particular genres. Besides, they can create their own playlists using the app.

Well, you may also look out for regional music on the app, which are available for free. However, the app contains a lot of advertisements.

The app has a huge library of English and Bollywood songs. Besides, people can enjoy non-stop radio stations online, using the apps. Besides, it comes with dedicated sections of Dance Songs, Ghazals, Bhajans and so on.


4shared is a best free music downloading app for online streaming of music and the music lovers will enjoy the huge collection of songs on this app. It caters to the preferences of people worldwide and the songs are categorized into various genres.

The functional mechanism of the app is based on p2p sharing.

The users can search the music from a wide collection of tracks. You can share your own collections with others online, using the app.

4shared has more than 5,000,000 tracks and you can have a look at its database and find the song of your choice. The 15 GB cloud folder, that comes with the app, allows the users to download music.

Although the app is slow, the collection of songs and features in it are really great. You can share the songs from the cloud itself.


If you are willing to get an app which brings you fresh music, you can download music app. This is one of the leading music download apps for Android phones.

In case you are fond of audiobooks and look out for podcasts, you can get this app for all these media content.

Apart from listening to music, people can upload their own creations on the app, which allows them to share them with others. You can also like and comment on the songs.

Therefore, it acts as a platform, connecting the artists with their fans. You will be able to enjoy the latest trending music on the app and filter the tracks, according to the genres, artists, moods and so on. You can also enjoy the Pro-version, which comes with add-free features.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the most extensively app for easily download high quality music for free, that allows the users to play music.Its undoubtedly the best music downloading app for android phones.

You can stream music online and download english songs in your android phones, using the app. The app comes with subscription packages and allows the users to play the music on their phones.

You can explore the store for your favourite tracks and play them online. In case you are willing to download mp3 files for free, you need to pay the subscription fees.

The songs come across various categories, from where you can select the ones that suit your tastes.

The app also supports personal storage and the users can store up to 50,000 songs. The Pro-version comes with additional features like offline mode and on-demand music.


People looking for best ads android app to download music for free with playlists to suit their purpose should go for this app.

Particularly, if you want music picked carefully for your running and walking sessions, you can use the app.

The playlists have been created in collaboration with top DJs, ensuring that they will cater to your needs. You can also download these songs and listen to them later.

You can enjoy these songs during your workout hours. The app to download your favourite music track filters the length of the playlists in order to match up the time needed to complete the sessions.

Besides, it offers suggestions to the users, according to their preferences. The beats will enhance the quality of time during your workout hours. Besides, you can also set the BPM (Beats Per Minute), depending on the speed of your workout. The users can also search the songs according to the genres.

While a number of these apps come free, you will have to pay a subscription for the others app for download music. Certain apps also enable the users to play the music offline. If you are willing to download music apps for your Android phone, you can choose from this list of music streaming app for free without subscription.

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