Is Mobile Gaming the Best Way to Relieve Stress?

Nowadays, the varied and diverse world of smartphones means that we don’t just use our phones for the pleasure of talking to our loved ones, but also to access a fun world of escapism, where we can enjoy the way we communicate (accessing the latest filters from Snapchat, for instance), and access online gaming opportunities (whether Plants vs Zombies is your thing or beating your top level on Tetris floats your boat). In fact, this need for escapism as we bid to alleviate some of the stress in our lives helps to explain why we now need battery apps to help ensure we don’t run out of juice on the go.

Gaming As a Stress Reliever: Why Are Games Used as an Escape Tool?

Working life in 2017 is stressful! Long hours and stressful working environments are the norm, and escapism is a plain and simple need for the vast majority of workers involved in the rat race (let alone the stress of the typical commute!). The good news is that your phone will always be handy if you’ve had it on you at work, and with apps easy (and cheap) to download (and now one of the main ways we use our smartphones), it’s a perfect fit. 

With freemium models of gaming becoming more and more popular, especially for games designed to be picked up and played in short bursts, like Football Manager Mobile or Plarium’s Vikings: War of Clans, gamers seeking stress relief through escapism now have a world of choice to pick from. 

Indeed, a recent study has discovered that video games, in particular, do in fact have a role to play in stress relief, suggesting that even if we are now using our phones as GameBoys, it might help us to be more productive in the long-run.

Is this the only benefit to mobile gaming though?

Is Mobile Gaming Leading to a Social Revolution?

Stress-relief aside, of course, gaming is about more than the benefits it brings to those using it; it’s about gaming as a means to an end. Take the advancements of mobile technology, and iGaming in particular, as an example. Through these games, consumers are able to stay at the very forefront of technological advances. Companies like this outline the appeal of 3D and virtual reality technology in iGaming, especially in relation to games like online slots, which is just one example of this appeal. 

Furthermore, sites like this source show the integral social side to gaming, with gamers able to pick from specific gambling apps from operators like 888 and bet365 that highlight the social aspects of iGaming (for instance with live casino, where human dealer interactions can be as exciting as the thrill of the game itself).

A Look to the Future

With mobile gaming an area that is developing all the time, the next big step (after the breakthrough that augmented reality technology had with Pokemon Go) expected to hit the mainstream in mobile gaming is virtual reality using smartphones. Should this take off in a big way, mobile iGaming will not only have boosted its status as perfect gaming for gaming’s sake, but also for more serious stress-relief, where we can literally get our head out of the office and enjoy relaxing in a new environment in order to clear our minds, building on the virtual reality apps that are already available.

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