How to Edit Skins in Minecraft

Every day, Minecraft attracts thousands of new players from all around the world. Players choose this game for uniqueness, variety of colors, and its customizable nature, of course. Just look around? Do you see those Steves, Alexes, Iron Men, and Santa Clauses fussing around? Those are the skins that help gamers emphasize their individuality and express their creative nature. If you are jealous of your pals boasting of new skins around, then, you should not waste any minute to get rid of the boring default look.

Of course, you have heard of the increasing popularity of Movie skins in Minecraft. The fans of Transformers download Bumblebee skins, while romantic and adventure-seeking hearts avail themselves of Pocahontas skins. So, you also may want to change you old skin to something fresh and more conducive to success. You also may become one of your favorite movie characters in your favorite game. At the same time, you may want to incorporate some changes into the downloaded skin in order to make it look truly unique and inimitable. With our help, it won’t be a problem!

Changing Custom Minecraft Skins with the Help of Image Editors

Any experienced player is aware of the fact that new skins can be downloaded from and uploaded in “Preferences” area. The fastest and, evidently, the easiest way of “refreshing” your skin is to get the default skin from “Preferences” and then edit it according to your liking. Such image editors as Paint or Gimp are at your service. After editing your look, you can upload the new file to the “Preferences” section again. Thus, you will be able to preview your skin before actually using it.

You can draw you awesome skin, color and shade it according to your liking. Unfortunately, not all players can boast of artistic talents allowing them to draw a fantastic skin from scratch.

Another great option for those willing to make their own skin would be using the Minecraft Skin Edit tool, the program that allows you editing each body part step by step and provides you with a real time preview of a character’s look in-game.

By the way, have you already chosen a movie character that is going to represent you in the world of Minecraft? Check Luke Skywalker out! Believe , this character is never out of fashion. Star Wars is the film that has etched itself deep into the history and culture of humanity. Luke Skywalker will survive the measure of time. If you are a good guy eager to fight for the sake of restoration of justice, then, Luke’s skin is awaiting you!  

And what about fun-loving guys, whose vivaciousness, extraordinariness, and sense of humor are just bound to be reflected in the virtual world of Minecraft? No worries, please! Meet Captain Jack Sparrow! Try his adventurous man’s skin on and go rock the game! Both your pals and enemies won’t remain indifferent to such a skin. Explore new worlds and realms, go search for hidden treasures, fight otherworldly creatures, and overcome obstacles arising on your way with the resilient Captain.

Now, as you have obtained the skin of your dream, it is high time you edited it and made it even more peculiar and unique.

To do it, you will need to run the Minecraft Skin Edit program. After that, you will be presented with a blank template and a preview of your skin.

Employ your creativity and start drawing and filling in the blanks. Don’t be upset if thing don’t look great the first time around. It may take you some time to acquire the necessary skills for creating your “ideal” skins. One great bonus is that you can check out how the character whose skin you are working on will look in-game. Use your mouse to rotate your character and view your new skin from different angles.

When you are fully satisfied with your work, save the file with the new skin on your computer. Make sure to remember the name of the folder. After that, you are encouraged to navigate to the “Preferences” page in the browser and upload the newly created skin onto it.

We hope you will enjoy playing Minecraft even more now when you have the skin created by your own hands.

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