Latest Awesome whatsapp tricks and tips 2014

I’m sure that all of among us are using whatsapp on their smartphones,tablets and as well as on their Pc. As you all know that whatsapp is from one of the most popular instant smartphone messenger now a days. You can send your text messages, Photos and videos with the speed of light by whatsapp to your friends, family or relatives.Here you can also check out the movie sites.

whatsapp tips and tricks 2014

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You can not only send messages to friends but you can also enjoy cool and outstanding tricks which helps you in passing your free time. But the main question arrives is that do you know what are those tricks by which you can enjoy in your free time. So continue reading for knowing about the cool tricks related to whatsapp mobile messenger. Heres the tricks.

whatsapp tricks and tips 2014

1. Hacking your friends conversation

I’m sure that you have ever thought of reading your friends conversation on whatsapp. But is it really possible ? Yeah you can now easily read your friends conversation by just following the simple steps which are listed below.

1. Firstly, you need to click on your memory card and then further click on whatsapp and then on database named folder.

2. After doing the above step carefully you will now see two files named as

msgstore-yyyy.dd.db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt

3. Now you simply have to copy or send these files on your smartphones from your friends smartphone and thats all. You can now easily have a look to your friends whatsapp conversations.

2. Using whatsapp without using your phone number

I’m not joking my dear friend. Yeah, it is really possible to use your whatsapp messenger without entering your mobile number. If you want to know how is this possible then keep reading and find out the trick.

1. After downloading whatsapp mobile messenger on your smartphone you will be noticed that whatsapp sends one verification code to their server.

2. You need to prevent your mobile from sending the verification code to their server. You can easily perform this task by keeping your smartphone on flight profile.

3. After keeping you mobile phone on flight mode, whatsapp can also ask you for choosing an another way for verification. You just need to select the option named as verify through message.

4. After choosing the right option in that menu simply fill your email address and then carefully click on sending option and soon as possible you need to cancel that sending option.

5. Now you have to do message spoofing from your smartphone.

6. Then, you will get messages on the spoofed number which is used from your smartphone.

7. Lastly, now you can easily enjoy your whatsapp messenger without entering your own mobile number.

3. Disable Last seen option on your whatsapp messenger

Disabling your last seen is very simply. You just need to turn off your data connection of your phone and then read your whatsapp messages and then close it again. Now after reading your messages completely and closing your whatsapp messenger you can turn on your data connection again.

So, these are the latest amazing whatsapp tricks. Hope, you have enjoyed a lot while reading this article. If you have any type of doubt or questions after reading the above article carefully you can leave your comment below in the comment box and can ask your doubts. At the last do not forgot to share this article with your friends.


  1. Tusshar Rajput

    Awesome tips and tricks. Bur i am little bit confused in the 1st trick. Can you please tell me that the files msgstore-yyyy.dd.db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt how can be sended through? because we can’t send these files through whatsapp.

  2. Kamal

    this was really an informative And very knowledgeable post for beginners.….
    looking forward to your blog; all these points are very useful for us.keep up the good work… 🙂

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