Best Kodi addons Download 2018 Movie,TV,Sport

Looking to Download the best kodi addons 2018 & how to install kodi addons? There is no doubt that movies, shows, dramas, sports and every other form of media has taken up a huge place in our lives and it is true that people just prefer watching all of these media over the internet rather than wasting time on searching for all this on TV or purchasing these kinds of movies or shows. However, it is no joke that Kodi has simplified lives so far and is continuing to do so as you can literally enjoy every kind of shows and movies from Kodi. So, here is a quick overview of the kodi addons exodus 2018 for free movies, shows, sports and what not.

Kodi has already taken place for a long time in our lives and allows us to enjoy every kind of movie or show easily. The reason Kodi is too popular is just because you get to enjoy every show here and all you have to do is to just search for the shows which you are looking.

best kodi addons list 2018

It is no doubt that Kodi serves some addons by default which you can easily use to stream shows or movies, but sometimes, it is just not that good that you get to enjoy everything which you like, so the best thing which you can do is to just download the third-party addons to your Kodi app which are perfectly safe to download and use on a daily basis.

So, without stirring up anymore of the info about this topic, let us get you introduced to some of the best kodi addons 2018 and the most working kodi addons 2018.

Best Kodi Addons For Live Tv,Movie,Sport|Kodi Addons List

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is one of the best Kodi addons download which you would actually try and if you are looking for all the updated TV shows and movies, then the Neptune Rising is the best Kodi addon for you to try. Go ahead and try this add on for sure. You can even download it easily over your phones. It is working really well and people actually are preferring this rather than the other add ons.


Covenant is a main add on to Kodi, but it actually has stopped getting any more updates or fixes, and so, if you are using it already, well and good. If you are still enjoying shows on this add on, then it is really awesome as you can enjoy all the shows and if you can’t work it or your add on gets an issue, you can’t expect an update or a fix now. Still, if you’re lucky, you will find your favorite shows and movies from Covenant.

The Pyramid

The Pyramid is one of the best addons which you can try for sure and along with that, there are a lot of movies and TV shows here in this site which you can watch or stream for free. It even features some of the best shows of 2017 which you should watch for sure. It might have a few ups or downs, but it features some great content.

BOB Unleashed

If you are looking for movies and TV shows and want to stream into all these shows for free, then BOB Unleashed is the best kodi addons for live tv for you and you can actually watch all the content for free. There are a lot of movies and TV shows here and the admins update the add on with great content and stuff which you would love for sure.


This add on has a lot of things within, which even includes movies, TV shows, anime shows and other shows and videos which you would love for sure. Along with that, the thing which you need to know is that the Nemesis is not a free Kodi addon, as there is a price which you would have to pay in order to use Nemesis and the good thing is that it requires you to enter PIN every four hours. So, go ahead and consider this one.

Genesis Reborn

People love Genesis Reborn for a lot of reasons, which even includes all the best TV shows or movies or all the stuff you want to watch. Along with that, Genesis Reborn went offline for about a month but the developers brought it back up and this means that you can watch all the TV shows and movies here easily.

Goodfellas 2.0

The Goodfellas has a great community and in this addon, you can easily watch the movies and TV shows which you want to watch and along with that, this add on even features other videos and YouTube clips which you might not find elsewhere. The content is great and you would love it for sure.

UK Turk’s Playlist

It is one of the oldest add on available on Kodi, kind of a great grandfather to all the new add on’s and along with that, this add on still gets updated a lot every now and then and also, you can find all your favorite movies, TV shows or videos here for sure.

BBC iPlayer WWW

Most of us know that BBC already has some of the best TV shows and those shows even top the IMDb ratings chart. So, when it comes to addons, there is no doubt that BBC shows would have and would be featuring the best content in this addon and also, you can watch it all for free. There are also a lot of movies or shows which you can watch for free in this add on.


Quantum is actually the joint add on for all the addons which you want, which means that it would even be featuring TV shows, movies, documentaries, cartoons, music and what now, and all this for free. This means that neither do you have to sign up for any service or register for any other kind of services or surveys before trying this add on and keeping it in your Kodi app.

So, this was our list of the best Kodi Addons fusion 2018 for free movies and shows, and if you like any one among them or want to try them out, make sure you download Kodi first and then try it.

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