Install vShare for iOS 9/8.3/8.4 Without Jailbreak, Download vShare for iPhone/iPod Touch

Download/Install vShare for iOS 9, 8.4/8.3 or iOS 8.2 Without Jailbreak VShare in a now a days is most commonly used and one of the best, top jailbreaks application for iPhone/iPod Touch. VShare is an application which is used to install all non iTunes applications. As iTunes store do not allow applications, which are not of iTunes store this application helps in solving this problem. This application gained a huge popularity among iPhone iOS and other smart devices.Various iOS devices are now jailbreak,but if you have a higher version of iOS then you should have vShare to access the applications. Through this application you can access all the applications, which are not present in the iTunes store. vShare only works on the iOS versions iOS 9, 8.4/8.3. This application creates a norm vShare application store, from where user can download application for free. It’s one of the major profit is that it doesn’t require jail broken device. Earlier it was not possible to install vShare as first we needed a jailbroken device. vShare makes use of pirated venture certificates which are issued by the Apple developer. This allows the user to access its own market and download the app which they want without the need of jailbreak.


How to install vShare application on iOS?

The vShare application also works with latest device like iPhone6s, iPhone6 plus etc. In these devices latest iOS can found in which vShare can work. To install vShare follow the following process.

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Open the browser in your iOS device.

Type or search in vShare on URL bar and press enter

 Two options will be available – Unjailbroken or Jail-broken, tap on Unjailbroken

 Now, a message will pop up like, click on the install button and you can see the downloading process.

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 Now, go to the home screen of your device and you will be able to see the installation of vShare application icon.

 Tap on the application a pop menu will come where you will find two options i.e. trust or don’t trust

 Click on the trust button. Your vShare application will run successfully.Sometimes you will also find some errors during this installation process, in order to fix those errors follow these complementary steps;

 Generally, you get this error when you are about to download Unjailbroken link. In order to fix this issue close all the tabs that is running and after that close the device browser.

 Now, close all the application which is running in your iOS device.

 Now, just wait for a while and again go after the procedure which have discussed above.

This time you will not get any error for sure. The applications are updated regularly in this app. The interface of this application is very clean and user friendly. This application gives the best user experience. vShare supports both Jailborken and Unjailbroken devices.

Main features of this application are-

– This app provides various options to find new applications

– This app install paid apps for free

– This app give direct download to the cracked application

– This app install apps by searching

– This app share downloaded ipas over wireless connection(wifi)

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