Know The Advantages of installing SSL Certificates

The supersonic speed of online business has incremented cybercrimes and hacking attempts. There have been a number of real examples where big companies have faced hacking and phishing issues on the websites. These attacks have resulted in the loss of data and damage the websites. The solution is of course SSL certificates.

What is SSL certificate?

SSL Certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) are the tiny data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to the company’s information. When installed on a web server, it displays the padlock and the https protocol on the address bar. This allows secure connections from a browser to a web server or vice versa. It is a digital certificate that is signed and authenticated by certificate authorities – CA for a single domain or multiple domains. The certificate doesn’t only contain a domain name, but it also includes a serial number, name of the issuer, issuer signature expiration date, etc. It principally assists the encryption of key information and is, hence, part of the unquestionable needs of your website. To facilitate a secure connection and to protect the crucial information, an SSL certificate file should be immediately installed on the server. Once the installation is completed, you can steadily access your certificate via HTTPS or may be any other SSL protocol such as: like POP3S, SMTPS, FTPS, IMAPS, NNTPS, LDAPS, etc.

Let’s have a quick look at what all SSL Certificates Secure:

  • All types of data transfers
  • All the credit card transactions
  • Details on the Login pages

There are different types of SSL Certificates – have a look at them. These are grouped based on the validation and the number of domains and sub-domains they secure:

On Validation Levels there are three variants:

  • Domain Validation Certificates
  • Organization Validated Certificates
  • Extended Validated Certificates

Depending upon the number of secured single domains/hostnames/multiple domains these are the bifurcations of SSL certificate:

Advantages of SSL certificates

There are many benefits of SSL certificates for your online business. This importance varies from security to website optimisation. For example, if your website includes receiving and transmitting the information via browser and the server which eventually involves sensitive information then SSL certificate is a must to install on your server. Your customers’ names and all the private information including debit card details, credit card details, contact numbers, passwords etc. are the bad targets thus SSL certificate offers the indispensable yet mandatory privacy that you need for your business.

Encryption – the core of SSL certificates

An SSL certificate is known to offer strong encryption to all the data and protects the sensitive information like – logins, account details, passwords, and card holder’s details. This is also mandatory for eCcommerce websites as these websites involves intense information sharing during shopping and other Internet communication. The main idea that every information which is shared via internet shall not be unencrypted. Thus before it gets submitted to the web server the website visitor with the help of personal keys decrypt and recognizes the information. To be fair, encryption prevents eavesdropping and interfering the information by hackers and identity thieves.

The boost in the rankings of search engines

Recently Google has announced that websites with the SSL certificate and https feature will have a boost in rankings on the search engines. Since this announcement, the websites with non-secure domain have rigorously started to install SSL certificates with in order to secure their data from phishing and hacking attacks. This installation will help their website to rank well on Google.

HTTPS – a trust indicator

The SSL certificate is essential to provide protection to the website and gain trust among their customers. With https feature, the SSL certificate gives a trust indicator which comes in the form of the green address bar, site seal, organization name and details in the address bar, a lock sign etc. These displays are more than enough for the customers to build confidence in the online business.

SSL certificate meets PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards

Another advantage of getting SSL certificate is to secure all your credit card details and other payment modes with the highest standard of 256 bits of encryption. This encryption parameter is the company standard from – PCI – payment card industry. If the website meets this standard of encryption, then your online shopping and payment process is the most secure one.

SSL certificate helps in improving SEO

Search engine optimisation is what every website needs today for increased rankings on search engines. This has many benefits, like – it elevates traffic, improves SEO, increases conversion rates, etc. This change in the website is possible when your website is secured, in combination with unique content, user-friendly design, the right use of the keyword etc. Majorly SSL certificates initiate all these factors and rest all fall in place.

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