Infolinks Review:Best Revenue Source For Blogger & Adsense Killer

When it comes to earning,everybody loves it.Whether it is coming easily or in some harsh manner.earning from internet is bit of easy task but due to huge competition these ways are getting narrower like take a case of google adsense earlier it was easy to get approved for adsense but now it is hell lot of tougher to get in and even harder to keep going with it.

How we can earn without relaying on google adsense?

There is no dough google adsense is top Pay per click network and one of the most popular advertising network in the world due to their awesome work ethics,Strict guidelines.But all this comes with huge risk for blogger.if you makes any mistake in understanding the google policy & try to challenge the google ads any possible just be ready for banned.yeah it is that strict!!!.

infolink review

Best Solution to non-adsense blogger?

Solution to this is infolinks which has easy approval process,not strict rules as google,various ads unit,good cpc and cpm network and excellent support.

How publisher earn money from infolinks?

Anybody with good or legal blog can become a simply have to register with infolinks then sit behind for confirmation mail.why confirmation mail??infolinks team will check your site for illegal or other bad content if you have unique contents then you don’t need to worry about it.once you get the confirmation mail you are ready to rock.In the confirmation mail your will receive the login and other details which will gets your hands on ads unit of infolinks.You can register with infolinks with below join now button.

register with infolinks

What is ads unit?Why you should have it?

Ads unit is a advertising banner which will hold on your blog or site for advertisement.You should have it so that user can click on them and you will get paid for it.

Different types of ads unit on infolinks?

Infolinks support various types of ads units in different sizes each has it’s advantages or disadvantages.Let‘s understand each of them in details.

1. Intext Advertisement

This is one of the most popular and well converted ads unit in infolink pack.Due to high conversion rate people love show ads related with user query which lead to better user interface and relavancy.

intext ads unit of infolinks

2. Intag Advertisement

This kind of ads doesn’t actually blend wit keywords rather it show as banner which also leads to good conversion.It actually use in a situation where banner ads are required.It also show ads based on the user query relevance.

intag ads unit

3. Inframe Advertisement

This is another big banner type ads from infolinks which present ads in vertical form to user which also has good conversion.We can also use the combination of various advertising unit to earn more in infolinks.

4. Inform Advertisement

This is one of my personal favourite ads unit in the infolinks pack.I actually like it because it pop’s out at very right time in the post which doesn’t ruin the user experience and isn’t slow down the sites.Infolinks support all combination of ads unless it is not ruining your blogs reputation and infolink really takes care for it.

inform infolinks ads unit

Payment Method

Infolinks not just support various ads units it also provider various payment method which makes blogger or publisher life really easy.Infolinks support following payment methods i.e

  • Wire transfer

  • Paypal

  • eCheck

  • Western union

  • Payoneer

  • ACH

For any more details you can always contact their support.

Final Words

I have seen good conversion of infolinks ads into best revenues,so i would say they are really the best alternatives or Adsense with the best payout rate than any other.Infact.they have great support and various payment option really standout them against their competition


  1. Aditya Sahil

    Hii Mahesh Bro 🙂

    This is the best explained review of Infolinks 🙂 I am sure your readers will definitely came to know that ” Infolinks is the best Alternative of Adsense ”

  2. Eddie

    I used info links when I first started my blog “life is a blog” and it didn’t convert very well for me so I threw Adsense on it. Been earning a few hundred a month using Adsense. Now I hit around a million visitors per month so I decided to give info links another shot. Hopefully they convert nicely for me with Google Adsense to double my income every month. We shall see.

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