How To Increase Irctc Tatkal Ticket Booking Speed

Hello friends, If you have every tried to book your train ticket by using online method through IRCTC website then I think that you must known that the importance of time and specially when you are doing irctc tatkal reservation. I think that every indian is aware about this official website. Because of too much popularity of IRCTC website, the servers which are uses are extremely slow.

Hot to Quickly book Irctc Tatkal Tickets Reservation

I can bet that after reading this article you will be able to reserve tatkal ticket booking online quickly.You will be able to book your tatkal railway ticket reservation easily. As already all know that IRCTC is an official online train ticket booking website which is run by Indian railways. You can easily create your free account on this official website and can easily book your train tickets by paying through your Debit card, Credit card or by net banking, IRCTC only charge 20 Rs. extra charges if you want to book your train ticket from their official website. You just need to take a print out of your ticket which will further be sended on your mail id.

speed up your irctc tatkal booking


Without wasting your time any more I directly come to the point. As I have observed many times that IRCTC official website start working very slow as we start booking our tatkal ticket. Do you know why this is so ? Frankly telling you guys that you are not only the one who is trying to book the tickets over this website. There are thousands of people who daily tries to book their tatkal tickets. As the booking time is from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. then just imagine that how much loading is done in these 2 hours.

Irctc, how to book tatkal ticket quickly??

So, Keep reading below and find out that how to speed up railway tatkal ticket booking online and easily :-

Install Adblock Extension on your browser

As you all have observed that IRCTC website contains lots of ads which results in slow processing. You can book your train ticket fastly if you install adblock extension on your web browser which can easily disable all ads on that web page. If you want to install those extensions on your web browser then simply follow the below steps carefully.

1. If you are using Google chrome then click here for downloading the adblock extension for your internet browser.

2. And if you are using Mozilla firefox then click here.

You can now easily download adblock extension for your suitable web browser and can now block all ads which slows your booking process on IRCTC official website.

2. By using Magic auto fill for IRCTC

As you have already read it above that IRCTC is a website which is used by all over india for train reservations. This means that you have to fill your train ticket forms really fast if you want to book a tatkal ticket over this website. So just follow the below steps carefully and save your time.



1. Click on Magic submitter website.

2. You will now see a passenger form which is to be filled at the time of your booking.

3. After successfully filing your details in that form, click on m feeling lucky button below.

4. Now when you want to fill your details on the official IRCTC website just drag the magic auto fill button on that webpage.

That’s all. You will now automatically be able to fill your all form details in just a second on that website.

Hope, you have enjoyed my article on fast tatkal ticket booking. If you want to ask anything after reading this article then just leave a comment below in the comment section. Also do not forgot to share this cool trick with your friends.


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